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YFA 4512



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This is a film of an unknown Sheffield family visit to Derbyshire and a 1966 World Cup match at Hillsborough.

The film opens showing a house in a field covered with snow with hills behind. Some people are out sledging, and people walk around the grounds of a country house. There is field of sheep with a sign saying 'Keep Out - Foot and Mouth Disease' (possibly 1967). Someone is sitting in a parked white Cortina. People are sledging and skiing down a snowy hill. There is a coal-fired power station. The film switches to a ginger and white cat playing in a garden with spring flowers, and then being carried by a man. A large building is shown in the distance.

A group of people walk along a path through some woods and near a park lake. There is a sign on a green hut for Forge Dam fishing. A man and two children walk along the path and another man operates a radio-controlled model boat on the lake. A woman climbs over a sty and walks past the camera across a field with baby lambs at the side of a reservoir. There is a large house with daffodils and snow drops in the grounds and two ducks have a fight. There is a walkway along a river with two lots of rapids. Two girls walk past. People sitting outside a pub are filmed from across a busy road.

The film switches to show cameramen on a platform in front of the Sheffield Wednesday sign at Hillsborough Football Stadium. On the pitch Guards are doing a pre-match display of marching. The two teams, West Germany and Uruguay, warm up before their Quarter Final World Cup match. Some of the match is filmed, including one of the Uruguayan players being sent off (Hector Silva), escorted by police, and Beckenbauer shooting at goal. A German supporter is escorted off the pitch. Supporters are shown leaving the ground.

The film switches again to a woman in the countryside with a field of pink flowers. A woman clambers onto a wall and pulls up her skirt. A man smoking a pipe gets some grit out of his shoe. There are people in a VW camper van in a field with sheep. There is an abandoned mill near a river, a distinctive looking church, a caravan and camping site and a view down onto a village (possibly Castleton). A woman stands near Peveril Castle. People make their way down a zig zag path on a steep hill. There is a sign for Peveril Castle and more views of the village. A light aircraft is shown taking off and a glider landing. A car has a sticker on it for 'Ashford Well Dressing from 23rd May'. A group of people are gathered around a dressing and there is a children's fair near a river. A red Hillman car is parked near another dressing. One well dressing has '1964' on it. There is a village cricket game at Ashford-in-the-Water. The Bull's Head pub is covered in flowers. There is film of lambs, and fishing in a river with a bridge going over it. Finally, a woman walks along a path covered in fallen leaves.