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YFA 4073



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This is a film made by Sheffield filmmaker William Gordon Gregory about a couple of walkers, a young man and woman, who, after seeing some rock climbers, decide to take up climbing themselves. It features the newly formed Peak Climbing Club and their excursions at Stannington Edge, a popular place for climbers providing a large range of climbing routs for beginners and experts.

Continuity: Marie P Bone
Technical advice: R E Davis
Story, Script, Photography, Direction: W G Gregory

The film opens with a woman climbing on a rock face. Just below on a ledge, a group of walkers and climbers are settling down to some lunch. Two of them watch some climbers whilst a woman kneels over a cooking pot on a camp fire. Their climbing kit is laid out for display. One of them is shown throwing a drink over a climber's foothold. After each scene there is a close up of a ram.

Intertitle: 'Tricounis'

A climber wears these metal hooks which are attached to his boots as he climbs.

Intertitle: 'Clinkers'

A pair of boots with the metal studs are shown as well as some rope. Following this is more climbing with several lead climbers having rope tied around their waists.

There is a demonstration about climbing technique given by a woman. She uses a door frame to illustrate her example.

Back on the cliffs a young climber, having reached the top, secures the rope to a rock and abseils down. He is followed by another climbing doing likewise.

At home a climber hammers clinkers into his boots. Back again outside a climber demonstrates a couple of knots, putting a rope around a fellow woman climber. Three climbers then ascend a cliff in stages until reaching the top.

The place where the group plans to go climbing is pointed to on a map. Then a man and woman stroll through a village before climbing a cliff. After this, they go for a swim in a large pond, and in the evening, both lie in the open under a cliff. The man sets his alarm clock before settling done to sleep under a plastic sheet. He dreams about climbing before being woken by the woman who pours water over him.

The film shows several climbing books, including Let's go Climbing by C F Kirkus and an Ordnance Survey tourist map of Snowdon. It then shows various items of equipment, including a first aid kit and a compass laid on the mp.

At Mount Snowdon, a group of climbers climb, and at one point, must go over ice with the aid of an ice pick. At the snowy top, they survey the landscape around.

The film closes with members of the club climbing a cliff in Derbyshire.

The End