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YFA 3459



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This short film briefly shows the city centre and architecture of Sheffield.

The film opens with views of Sheffield city centre; some construction is taking part on some of the buildings with scaffolding and cranes.  There are then shots of a busy street market.  A man sells flowers before a long shot shows crates piled up.  One man walks past carrying a box, possibly filled with rugs above his head.  There are more views of the market, shoppers, stalls and traders such as F. Bonsall selling fruit and vegetables, and L. Allen the ironmonger.  Women walk by with their shopping bags including a black lady.

Back in the city centre we see some of the recognisable buildings such as the church.  A tram passes by, cars and people going about their business.  The film then cuts to Park Hill and the slum areas that have been cleared and the construction work of the new flats.  Back in the city centre we see various buildings such as the town hall and a shot of the road, possibly taken from a tram.