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YFA 2958



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This is a short film with brief footage of the following animals: cattle, sheep (being prepared for the show), pigeons, rabbits, dogs and chinchillas.

Young Hereford bulls are heltered up in a field and lead by farmers. Rams also heltered for the camera, getting ready for the show, varying breeds.

Pigs, large whites and blacks, are in a field. There is also a Hereford bull eating leaves. The sheep are all lined up. A man stands with a racing pigeon in either hand. He checks their wings are ok. A young boy with two boxer dogs stands in the garden.

Rose grow in a field, and there are chinchillas in a cage. A man holds one in his arms and blows onto its fur, showing how soft it is. He then holds a chinchilla's fur on his hand for the camera.

Various breeds of rabbit, again the man blows on their fur. He puts a spaniel on a chair next to the rabbit. A man feeds the rabbits.