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YFA 780



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Taken during a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship, this film includes footage of the Sharp family during their holiday, enjoying themselves on the deck of the ship as well as footage of their time in New York City.

The film opens with shots of the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship leaving Southampton port with people waving from the docks. There are several shots of the Sharpe family members on the ship's deck walking, sitting on deck chairs and smiling at the camera.

In the next shots, which are taken from the deck looking out to sea, the New York skyline is visible. The passengers lean over the railing looking. From a higher deck looking down there are shots of the sailors throwing ropes off the ship in order to bring her into dock.

The next scene starts in the centre of New York where there are shots of lovely, shiny cars parked along some streets.

Three women who look as if they are dressed for a wedding walk together towards the camera; they are joined by a man who smiles at the camera. Following this is a brief shot of a train station and an electric train pulling into the platform.

There are more shots from around New York City: Times Square, the Empire State Building, cinemas and theatres. There is a huge neon sign for `Cinerama Holiday'. There is a Jack Dempsey restaurant and outside of it are a crowd of people protesting.

The next scene is back on another cruise ship. The Sharp family wander around on deck smiling and joking at the camera. Some other passengers play shuffle board and another game while others sit on deck. There are shots taken from above looking down onto people lying asleep and reading in deck chairs.

Two young sailors change the flat on deck while some other sailors let down the rope to tie the ship up at the dock. Following this are shots of the ship docked at the port and passengers leaving the ship. Three men stand beside a sign which reads `Caen Paris'. The following shots are of a French town with a busy market in the centre. A gendarme directs traffic and people walk and cycle around.