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YFA 761



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As part of the Sharp collection this film shows various branches of Sharp's Linoleum shops including one in Halifax. There are some excellent shots of streets, cars and fashions of the time. The second part of the film shows a staff Christmas party held at the Great Northern Victoria Hotel in Bradford.

The film opens with a shot of a busy street with lots of traffic, the Sharp's shop is visible on the main street, There are shots taken from inside the shop window looking out at the people on the streets who are looking at their products. There are other shots taken from the road opposite the shop looking at it. There is a machine of some sort blowing steam out onto the street and then there is a shot if the inside of a very run down room. There is a shot from above looking down onto a man on the telephone taking notes.

The camera is at one end of a street looking down at the oncoming traffic. The Sharp's shop can be seen and then there is a close-up at the main door which has rolls of linoleum leaning against the door and shots of the window displays and products. A man rolls linoleum up and then walks out of the shop with another man and points at some rolls in the window. Then he goes back into the shop and is seen dealing with some women and selling them linoleum. There is a brief shot of the man watering a large rug with a watering can.

Following this is another shot from one end of the main street in Halifax looking down the street. There camera pans across the road and there is another Sharp's Shop called `Harry Sharp & Sons'. A man stands behind the counter in the shop dealing with a customer and then he and another man roll up a long piece of linoleum. Peter Sharp and another man are in a stock room looking at invoices.

In the next scene there is a shot of an invite given by Robert Sharp to the `audience' inviting them to a staff dinner at the Great Northern Victoria Hotel.

In the next sequence, Robert Sharp and other members of the family and business at the hotel are talking and having drinks. A young boy, most likely a member of the Sharp family, stands around watching. Waiters fill glasses with drinks and serve them to the guests who have begun to arrive at the hotel. Many men in suits and ties pose for the camera smiling and laughing and being served drinks on trays. Fewer women are at the dinner and one man feeds a woman a drink from the glass.

A man with a list starts getting people arranged into couples who then walk past the camera into the dining room. Some men are coupled with men and some women with women. Inside the dining room people sit with party hats on and are being served wine. Some people smile and laugh for the camera and some of the people raise their glasses in a toast.

A man sings for the guests and then a man and a woman are up on a stage singing opera, they have the sheet music in their hands. There are shots from the top of the room looking down onto all of the people that are there. A couple of other men entertain with a comedy piece and another song.

Title-The End.