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YFA 779



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This film is part of the Sharp collection and consists of two types of footage. The main part of this reel contains footage from a Movietone news reel. It contains footage of King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth at the races, footage of London before, during and after the World War II, the King and Queen talking to soldiers and widows after the War, President Roosevelt at his desk signing an embargo repeal, trouble in Finland and Bardia.

The latter half of the reel opens with a scene in a park. A stage and walkway has been erected and a group of children wearing fancy dress are lined up on the walkway holding numbers. Crowds of people sit around the stage on deckchairs. There are rabbit costumes, Stone Age woman costumes and a hula girl costume to mention just a few.

In the next scene the children are all up on the stage beside two men who are making speeches to the crowd. The camera pans to take in all of the children that are spread out all across the stage. A few children in costumes pose with a woman down on the grass they all smile for the camera. In the following few shots, the children all individually walk along the walkway in front of the crowd, do a twirl and then walk back to the stage. There is a brief shot of a police band and then of the winners on the stage receiving their prizes.

The next scene takes place on a field. A children's sports day is taking place and there are sprinting races and skipping rope races. The shot cuts to a huge outdoor swimming pool which is crowded with children in the water and sitting along the sides.

The next scene opens with shots of crowds of people sitting on steps overlooking a big sports field. A Scottish piper's band march along in front of the crowd and one of the men does a sword dance. The next shots are of a man on a motorbike who drives along on his bike and crashes into the wall at the base of the steps; he is helped up and drives around the sports field. In the next piece a woman stands on a stage wearing medieval clothing; she is joined by many other women in similar costume. This could possibly have been organised to celebrate the 700th Anniversary of the Bradford Market Charter? As the women come back onto stage, the women give a fashion show of clothing and costumes from medieval times up until the current day. At the end of the fashion show two men come out dressed in women's clothing.

After this is a parade of women wearing a variety of costumes and carrying flags. They are followed by a group of sailors and then soldiers.

There are some shots of children riding on a model train ride and then some more shots of women in fancy dress; they are talking to the Lord Mayor. Lots of people sit around on deckchairs and watch as the toddler's fancy dress competition begins.