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YFA 2634



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A series of 6 short films highlighting the danger of athletes foot in the miners showers, not concentrating when using electrical equipment in the mine, and the consequences of ignoring safety notices in the mine.

The first short film starts with toys in use, this then cuts to miners building the support systems for roadways. Just as toys need support, a narrator explains that so do underground roadways.

The second concentrates on the issue Athletes Foot. A man walks through a shower naked from a back point of view and takes off his socks. A close up of his feet shows he has Athletes Foot. A doctor using posters illustrates how to prevent catching it, or spreading it onto others. Shows a group of miners walking through the shower with plastic safety flip flops on.

The third is a short cartoon illustration and using actual footage of men getting injured in the pit.

The fourth shows a shotfirer in the pit. He gets distracted by his friend (contains nudity), and in turn has an accident with the machine.

The fifth film focuses on a miner who is day dreaming about a woman in the shower (contains nudity). When he comes round from his daydream he gets injured by his digger because he wasn't paying attention.

The final film is a cartoon of what can happen to a miner if rides on the coal conveyor belts. It then cuts to footage of a miner doing this and getting stuck under the machinery.

(The film is missing the ending)