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YFA 3202



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This tape is a compilation of transfers of different films from the SFS collection including:
1936 Reunion, Visit of Princess Mary 1949, Appeals Film 1950, Gladys Young Appeal, Countess Visit, Queen's Visit 1957, Family Day 1959, A Family Affair, TV Appeal 1964, 100 Years of Care, The Ship Might Sink, Safe on Shore, Family Day at Newland 1981-4.
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Family Day at Newland (1981-4) colour

This portion has very poor image quality.
The majority of this film consists of different races for the children including sack and wheelbarrow races. There is also an adult sack race, and for all races, there are spectators lined up to watch the competitions, although not nearly as large of a crowd as Family Days gone past. The winners of the races take their places on the winners steps, and the results are announced for the 200 meter race. There are close-ups of many of the children who are told to speak to the camera. One boy gives his thoughts on the football scores for the latest world cup match. The film then ends with a volleyball game, the boys vs. the girls.