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This is a promotional film for the launch of the Sailors' Families' Society and to ask for continued support of the organisation.

The film opens with the SFS logo, and there is a montage of clips of the children taken from the celebration for the Queen Mum's Birthday. A woman who is presenting the film explains how some of these children have suffered the loss of their father at sea, but it is hard to tell which ones thanks to the work of the SFS. She comments while we can all sympathise with those who suffered in events like the Lifeboat tragedy, the society needs your practical support and assistance. She then goes into a brief history of the society.
There are shots of the modern Newland Estate inside some of the homes, the home set up for retired older sailors, and children in the classroom of St. Nicholas school. However the society does not just support the estate, but also gives assistance to families in their own homes across the nation. There are also homes for the aged, three homes for teens, and bed-sits for the aged and married. Additionally there is a home/school for mentally handicapped children which teaches them life skills as well as arts and crafts. There are two homes for underprivileged children, and a boarding home for 16 future sailors who are training at Trinity House School. As the presenter explains the different facets of the society, accompanying shots of the various homes and inhabitants are featured.
The SFS has income from other places like their charity shop. The money goes from there, through the financial officers, to people in need in their own homes. Here, one of the financial officers visits a family bringing them some provisions. Additionally, it helps to fund an annual holiday trip to the seaside.
Title - What about the Future
The film ends with more clips from the Queen Mum's birthday celebration with a final plea for financial assistance. Finally, there is contact information and the SFS logo as an end title.