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This narrative-based home movie by Peter Dobing records a family holiday around North Yorkshire in 1952. The family visits the coastal towns of Whitby, Scarborough and Robin Hood's Bay, and travel to Staveley and the countryside near Knaresborough. 

[A pair of animated curtains open revealing the title]

Title: Seventh Family Film

Title: Summer Holiday 1952 [The image fades to show a view looking down on Whitby from the top of the 199 steps]

Peter Dobing’s father and sister Ann are amongst a small crowd watching a Whitby fisherman repair a lobster pot. The family climb the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey. Peter’s parents sit on a bench when they reach the top looking over the town and harbour below as Peter catches up with them.

Gulls fly overhead or sit on the nearby cliffs. Peter’s father stands beside a large sign that reads ‘Warning it is dangerous to go near the cliff edge’. The family lean over a wooden fence looking across the harbour, beach and piers below.

General views of the family walking around Whitby Abbey. Nearby, a clutch of chickens run away from the camera across a field near the abbey.

Crowds walk along West Pier in Scarborough. A sailing ship is moored nearby and a fairground ride can be seen in the distance.

A Union Jack and other flags fly from the mast of a steam passenger ship. The gangway is removed and the pleasure craft heads out into the sea. A person waves from the quayside. The Dobing family and fellow passengers enjoy the trip. A trawler travels alongside. Various shots follow of the passengers on board ship. The boat heads back towards harbour.

Title: We move on to -

Title: Staveley [animated title]

The family all look out of a train carriage window at the passing countryside.

A large hanging sign reads: ‘Sidegarth Residential Hotel’. General views of the hotel and garden. Peter and sister Ann look out of a widow surrounded by ivy. The family stand in front of the hotel chatting with another couple.

The family walk through the countryside along a track, past a field with horses.

Ann posts a card or letter in a post-box. Her father reads a timetable attached to a nearby wall. Her father and mother take a walk through the countryside.

Title: Meet the family at Robin Hood’s Bay

Ann sunbathes on the beach whilst her mother and aunt sit in deckchairs wearing sunglasses and smoking cigarettes. Her father sits next to them reading, while Ann’s uncle sits lounges on the beach beside them. A box of chocolates are passed around the family.

A small boy plays with a beach ball in the surf. Peter’s father continues to read while nearby a small girl is making a sandcastle. In the surf, an older girl with her dress rolled up plays ball with a young boy. They are joined by Ann and they all play together in the sea. The older girl and Peter’s aunt blow a paper windmill with the family nearby. Peter Dobing helps a young girl whose arm is in a sling dig a hole in the sand as she fills it with seawater from a bucket.

Title: The Players vs. The Rest

General views of the extended family playing a game of cricket on the beach, Peter’s mother watching from a deckchair nearby. The film ends after the match with Peter’s aunt returning to her deckchair beside Peter’s mother.

Title: Family Magazine. The End