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YFA 68



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This film shows the fundraising efforts of Settle, a village located in North Yorkshire.  The Wings for Victory Week funds went towards the purchase of a new aircraft to help the War Effort.  The film includes crowds in Settle’s market square as well as a parade. 

The film opens in Settle market square with men lighting their pipes, and in the background, there is an advertisement for Lyons Ales.  People are wandering around the market looking around the stalls.  The brick arches of the market can be seen in the background.  One lady stops to wave at the camera.

Title – Yes Settle is on the Ribble, also on the map

A fundraising target board for the week is positioned on the front of the Town Hall in the market square with a billboard proclaiming, ‘Settle Rural District. Our aim is to buy three Sunderlands. Why not make it five? Give them the tools and they will finish the job.’  This is a reference to Royal Navy ships, and there is also a large banner for ‘Wings for Victory.’  Around the square, people gather, and cars are parked in front of the Farmer’s Trading Society.  More men can be seen lighting their pipes. 

Title – Mick on the road with a consignment

A farmer wearing clogs herds sheep and cattle down a country lane.
Title – He say’s it is a thirsty job but it won’t be long before he has one, or perhaps two.

The farmer poses for the camera before going on his way.  A steam train passes in the background.

Title – Well! Here’s to the end of a perfect week

The famer downs a pint in one go.  Outside a shop a middle class lady holds a Wings for Victory token in her hand.  The token looks like a bird.

Title – Settle Wings for Victory Week target £150,000, final result £223,000

Crowds line the streets to watch a parade of the Army, the ARP and other wartime agencies.  Lots of people are gathered in the market square, whilst motorcycle dispatch riders go past.

Title – The marches past. The salute taken by Air Chief Marshall Sir John Steel, G C B, K B E, C M G

There is another parade of various troops and other organisations.  The parade is led by a brass band and includes boys, veterans, firemen, with women and children in horse and carts at the end.

Many people have gathered in the market square where singing and thanksgiving takes place.  There is a Red Cross flower stall.  The military hierarchy ascend some steps up a wall from where they address the assembled crowd. 

Title – The admiralty plaque presented to Settle Rural District

There is a plaque for Warship Week February 1942 followed by:
Title – Settle’s plaque presented to HMS Ribble

Held by a man, this plaque is dated February 21st-28th 1942.  A woman pushing a bicycle walks past smiling broadly.  Again the fundraising target board is shown as well as more locals.

Title – Village gossip

A group stand chatting outside a printer’s, and an elderly couple are seated outside a Ladies’ public loo.  More of the villagers are chatting next to a large doorway before the film comes to a close.