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YFA 2177



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The film was produced in order to show part of the huge organisation that is the Barnsley British Co-operative Society.  In addition to footage of the society, the film includes good examples of 1950s fashions and contemporary banking methods. 

The film starts with the Head Office Organisation and the title
Another new member to the society. 

A woman is served at the counter by a smartly dressed male counter clerk.  There is a close up of her new cash book being filled in.  A lady approaches the counter and hands over her cash book. 

Title – A Withdrawal is Made... '

They then go through the process of withdrawal, and the counter clerk counts out her cash. 

Title – And our modern accounting department records your subscriptions and withdrawals.

The film then moves onto the accounts department.  Various accounting processes are shown, and a woman uses a calculating machine.  The film goes onto show women, seated in rows, and operating calculating machines.

Title – Checking 3d saving stamps brought in from branches

Counter staff carry out this process

Title – Cashed Trading coupons are checked.

Women seated around a large table carry out this task at great speed.  The film then moves onto the Check Department.

Title – Check books arriving from branches.

Ladies empty the books out of their boxes and process them. 

Title – The adding machines total the entries

There is a close up of a woman operating an adding machine. 

Title – Tearing and sorting checks into share number sequence

Women carry out this task.  This is followed by a long shot to reveal long tables where women sort cheques, and there is a close up of a woman sorting. 

Title – Entering Checks to members accounts for dividend.

In a large room, women sit in rows at machines and carry out this process.

Title – Boxes of new check books are loaded for delivery to branches.
Two men load the books onto a Co-op truck. 

Title – Dictaphone recording system dictates letters to the typist.

There is a close up of Dictaphone machine and typist. 

Title – Recordings on the cylinders are erased and these can be used over and over again.

The same typist erases cylinders on the machine.  

Title – Invoice check on calculating machine.

A woman carries out this task on the comptometer which is shown in close up

Title – Compiling Employees records for sickness benefit and wages for approx. 3000 employees.

Both female and male employees carrying out this task. 

Title – Expenses analysis machine entering expenses accounts to different depts.

A male employee, dressed in a pin-striped suit, operates this machine. 

Title – Cheque machine preparing bank cheques.
A female employee demonstrates this machine with a close up of the cheque.  She then demonstrates the perforating machine

Title – This machine perforates the payment figures on the cheque.

Several women employees work on these machines in rows. 

The film ends with the credits:  The film was produced by Photo Finishers (Sheffield) Ltd Under the direction of E. R. Mottershaw. A.I.B.P'