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YFA 5236



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This film is part of the Parkin family collection. It documents a family trip by bus to locations such as St. Ives, Stratford-upon-Avon, Plymouth and Devon.

The film commences with some footage of seagulls on the beach, some scenic views of the coast and waves crashing forcefully on some rocks. There are shots of the green coast and the town taken from above, and more shots of the sea.

The façade of a hotel called: “Tolcarne Hotel” is shown. This cuts to footage taken inside a bus full of people, driving down a country road.

Title -  We too were going to St. Ives.

St. Ives’ coastline is shown, with the port and town in sight. A woman is looking at the views. Next there are shots taken in the town, where people are walking about.

A shot from the road of the bus seen previously, pulling in at the beach.

Title - Lands’ End.

A sign in the town reads: “The first Inn in England. St Austell Ales” This is followed by scenes of the sea on a windy day. A woman is sitting on a large rock eating a popsicle, smiling at the camera. Two old couples now walk on the beach wearing dresses and suits.

Next there is a shot of the bus driver loading luggage into the back of the bus.

Title - Plymouth… And the fleet’s in port again.

Shot from a boat, there are images of buildings and statues on shore, followed by sequences of large ships and people on the boat.

There are scenes of a coastline and the sea in Devon, with a town full of white buildings. One of the buildings is “Trecarn Hotel.” Two men are in a flower garden smoking pipes, admiring a sun clock. Two signs read: “Lammas’ essence of Devon Violets” and “Violet Farm. Lammas & Son”

Succeeding this, the bus is seen stopped at a gas station. Fields full of deer are shown.

Title - Shakespeare’s Country. Stratford-on-Avon.

A group of people walk around with some cottages in the background. A large sign reads: “Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust. Anne Hathaway Cottage. The home of Shakespeare’s wife” It also shows the opening times of the site.

A sequence depicting swans in a lake and a statue follows this. Another sign reads: “Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust.  The birthplace of William Shakespeare. Born 23rd of April 1564 and died 23rd of April 1616.”

The closing image is of a cathedral.

Title - September Journey.
Title - The End.