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This film was made by amateur filmmaker K.G. Tofield who hailed from Sheffield. It contains footage from holidays spent in Cornwall and in Wales. He made many films including `Autumn Glory', which won a commendation by the Board of Amateur Cine World.

Title-September Days 1955

Title-Produced by K.G. Tofield

The film opens with an orange sunset over the sea. A small island in the water is in shadow. There are shots from the cliffs overlooking the sea and there are some small boats out sailing.

The next scene is taken from above and looks down on a woman who is sitting on the rocks beside the sea. A young boy (John) is standing on the cliffs looking out to sea. This is followed by trees, seagulls and flowers taken against the deep, blue sky.

From the cliffs, the length of the beach is visible; people sit on the beach and swim in the sea.

The young boy is on the beach, in shorts and a cap, drawing a big picture in the sand with his spade. There other people on the beach are visible behind John, and he is near the camera eating an ice cream cone.

In the next scene John's mother puts him up on a pony and leads him down the beach. When the ride is finished, he is taken down from the pony, and he pets it on the head.

His mother then makes a sand pile as he runs around her dragging something in the sand behind him.

The waves roll onto the shore and the cliffs are visible. Out on the sea there is a speed boat and the surrounding coastline and a section of stone wall are visible.

John is on the sea shore walking in and out of the water. He starts to kick the waves as the roll onto the shore. He spends quite a while doing this and then he runs away from one of the waves and goes back onto the beach.

The sea is full of small sailing boats and stationary boats with individuals on them. There is a shot of the pier which is full of small boats, some are sailing and some are moored.

Some fishermen stand on the pier talking, while a man and his two sons are visible nearby trying to take down the sail of their boat. Further away there are two young boys in two boats; one of them bails water out of his boat with a small tin. At the edge of the pier a fisherman helps three women into a small row boat. He then rows out to a bigger boat and he helps them to get onto it.

A sailor with a big beard talks to a woman on the jetty, and in the next shot, a man is floating on the sea in a make shift `raft'. It comprise of two buoyancy planks with another two across them perpendicularly. He is standing upright while holding onto two long poles that attach to the base.

An old style propeller ship sails into the harbour. There is a large crowd of people waiting to board the `Cardiff Queen'. The crowd embarks once the previous passengers have disembarked. There are shots taken from the pier as the ship leaves the pier and heads out to sea.

The young boy is playing with his toy boat in the rock pools. He launches the boat across the pool and it sails on its side. There are shots taken from all angles of the rock pools following the boat. John starts kicking at the water to move the boat on the water. He picks up the boat and walks towards the camera.

Seagulls fly around the beach and land on the sand. The young boy is on the sand dunes and the surrounding landscape is visible. There is a lingering shot of flowers and lily pads in a pond.

The young boy wanders around a field full of buttercups. He runs around trying to catch the butterflies. The next shot is taken from another field looking towards a railway track. A train is coming along the track and John is standing on the gate waving at the train driver.

Back at the beach, John and some other little boys throw food for the crowds of seagulls that have gathered on the beach. The next shot is of some building along the cliffs overlooking the sea. In the cove below, people swim and sit on the beach.

The film closes with a speed boat which is going along the coast. It is bumping up and down on the rough waves.

Title-The End