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This is a film of the Doncaster Railway Works Plant Centenary return railway run from Leeds Central to Kings Cross in 1953. It features a G. N. R. Atlantic and the A4 Silver Link. Part of the Laurie Wright Collection.

Title - An Argoth Production (ATC)
Sentimental Journey, September 27th 1953

The film begins showing various newspaper cuttings marking the centenary celebrations of the Doncaster Railway Works. It also shows a return ticket from Leeds Central to Kings Cross. A train arrives at Leeds Central with 'Plant Centenary' written on the side.

Intertitle - This special train ran to commemorate the centenary of the Doncaster Railway Works - The Plant - and the jubilee of the G. N. R. "Atlantics". 4.0pm - The Plant Centenarian - Gainsborough, Doncaster and Leeds.

Railway enthusiasts mill around the locomotive 76026. Inside a loco shed locomotives and coaches are being built. One of the coaches is a third class East Coast.

Intertitle - Drawn by two famous Great Northern Railway "Atlantics" No. 990 from York Museum, and No. 251 from Doncaster Museum, looking spick and span in their original colours, these magnificent old engines were the centre of an admiring crowd of enthusiasts and ready to show that even after 50 years they were still capable of hauling a train at over 80 mph.

The Henry Oakley is shown, and another loco gets filled with water before they start their journey. Lots of passengers are waiting on the platform to board the train.

Intertitle - Travelling over the old main line through Lincoln.

The train speeds pass Lincoln, with the Cathedral in the distance.

Intertitle - A. G.N. signal "somersault" gives the veterans a clear road!

The train passes semaphore signals and signal boxes. On board the passengers have some refreshments. The train stops for water. One of the passengers pours himself a bottle of Double Diamond. The train arrives at Kings Cross.

Intertitle - In contrast the return journey was made behind a modern streamlined engine.

The loco for the return journey is the streamlined A4 Silver Link (60014). The platform is packed with railway enthusiasts, many with cameras, as it prepares to leave. It finally pulls out.

Intertitle - "Silver Link" soon started eating up the miles! What will she do on the downhill run to Grantham? Excitement became intense as speed increased . . . 271/2 miles in 18minutes over 90 mph, 95, 107!

Title - The End
Filmed by L Wright