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YFA 1156



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This is a film by John Wilkinson of a School's Sports Day and other athletic events at Hillsborough Park, Sheffield, Leeds, and Nottingham.

The title, 'Senior Sports Day', is displayed on top of a pair of blue trainers with two coloured balls, with some quick shots of the title being dismembered. Possibly Beighton School Sports 1965. School children are sitting around a racing track with the school building in the background. There is some sprinting with open fields in the background. There is then a sack race, followed by other races interspersed with some football practice and girls playing hockey. A baby is shown in a pram, and the score card is occasionally shown before people begin to leave.

The next portion of the film shows an athletics meeting, focusing on Wilkinson's son (in black spectacles). Possibly (Sheffield) City Championships, and running at Nottingham and Leeds. The film switches to showing Wilkinson's son (possibly the same son, from a few years previous) dancing with a girl. The film then switches again back to an athletics event. The athletics starts with hurdling and then goes on to women's sprinting, followed by men's sprinting, again with Wilkinson's son participating. A caption shows the advertising for the meeting: City Championships A.A.A at Hillsborough Park, Sheffield, Saturday 18th July 1970. Some women receive their medals. The starter, with his two guns, starts the hurdles. Some men receive their medals. Another race features Wilkinson's son, who after a race hands his baton to someone else. The relay teams receive their medals.

The next section of the film has a caption 'Nottingham' with letters placed on grass. The athletics stadium is shown completely empty before Wilkinson's son arrives with his schoolmates. There is a sprint race before a relay race, with Wilkinson's son coming second.

In Leeds, several 100 yard races are shown, including Wilkinson's son, and the caption '4th in Finals'. Other races are filmed, including a relay race, and Wilkinson's son is shown in normal clothing sitting in the watching crowd. This is followed by a women's hurdles race and men's 200 and 100 yards races, both won by Wilkinson's son.

The sign is again shown for the, 'Championships A.A.A at Hillsborough Park, Sheffield, Saturday 18th July 1970'. The name board is shown for those in the final for the various age groups. Another 200 yards and 100 yards race each won by Wilkinson's son. There are more races before Wilkinson's son shows his two certificates.