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YFA 2728



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This brief film is part of a collection that records a family from York's trips to the coast and countryside around North Yorkshire. The films were all shot by the Lord Mayor of York's son and are a child's view of these days before World War Two. This film is a chronicle of a day spent at the beach by three families.

The film opens showing a young girl in a bathing suit and cap. She is digging in little puddles of water. Beside her are a beach hut and a man on a deck chair.

The following shot shows the family having a picnic, the women are all in smart dresses and wear hats, the children surround them in bathing costumes. One of the men throws something at the camera and laughs.

There is a brief shot of two young girls standing at the edge of the sea looking at the camera. This is followed by shots of two women and some children standing around a beach hut as they change their clothes. One of the women runs into the sea with the two girls and another woman joins them but only for a paddle as she is wearing a dress. The women paddle about and the woman in the bathing costume floats on her back in the sea.