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NEFA 21689



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A short promotional film, possibly by Jim Steel of Selldeck Ltd, showing his newly manufactured bale-handling sled working in a field near to the company’s base at East Moorhouse Farm, near the village of Matfen in Northumberland.

The film begins with a shot of a banner that reads ‘Selldeck Ltd’. The banner rests against the rear of a green and white coloured manufactured bale-handling sled that is attached to a white Land Rover. There are general views showing different parts of the sled.

In a field, the sled, attached to the rear of a New Holland baler, travels around the field collecting bales of hay as they come out of the baler. From a vehicle driving behind the sled, the bales are seen being collected inside the sled and then released when six bales have been collected. Two men stand in the field watching proceedings. There are views of the collected bales in the field.

A tractor picks up one of the bales of hay and places it on top of another. The tractor picks up other bales and places them one on top of another, creating a stack eight bales high.

A hydraulic trailer attached to a tractor reverses into the eight-high stack of bales. Hydraulics in the trailer cause it to fit itself around the bails snugly. A farm worker attaches a hydraulic piston to rear of the trailer. This piston pulls both sides of the trailer together before it is lifted off the ground taking the bales with it. The film ends with a second stack of bales being loaded onto the trailer.