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This is one of a collection of films made by members of the Selby Cine Club.  It shows the first ever Selby Marathon, covering it from start to finish, accompanied by a narration providing information on the route and the runners. 

Title – Selby Cine Club Presents: Marathon ‘83

The film begins showing the Selby Community Centre, with the narrator stating that it is the 26th June and the first ever Selby Marathon.  The stewards are ready, and the runners are limbering up before assembling for the start, accompanied by music from David Bowie (Warszawa?).  There are aerial shots of Selby and the route of the marathon.  The runners set off (with a change in background music), in large numbers, all looking like serious runners, mostly men but a fair number of women.  The film takes us along the course, often filming alongside the runners.  They pass through and out of Selby onto country roads heading towards Wistow, with the new Selby coal mining complex in the distance.  They go past Caywood and Long Lane Junction, with a dog in the lead, being clapped by onlookers and taking bottles of water, which they mainly pour over themselves.  They pass into Windgate Lane.

The local radio is covering the race as it enters back into Selby on the half way mark.  The leader is being followed by a cameraman on a motorbike (presumably), filming a black runner. They pass through Selby and out, past a parked ambulance and Wiston gate, where some grab sponges.  Peter Morris, a 35 year old accountant with Midland Bank, is out in front, just behind a car showing his time on a digital clock.  He turns back towards Selby at Biggins Corner.  We see the chasing pack, some women runners, and some reduced to walking.  One woman runner is accompanied by another woman on a bicycle.  Peter Flaxton of Hepworth, in second place, is four minutes behind the leader.

Back on the streets of Selby Peter Morris is clapped by the watching crowd, and arrives at the finishing line, next to Selby Community Centre, in 2 hours, 25 minutes 35 seconds.  Others are shown crossing the finishing line, and then taking cups of orange drink.  Selby Gala Queen hands out certificates outside the Club, where there are banners for the sponsors, Midland Bank.  The last runner arrives, Ron Martin, in 5 hours 27 minutes 27 seconds.  A list is shown of the top twenty runners, and, inside the Club, fifty prizes are given out by the Editor of the Yorkshire Evening Press.

Title – The End