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YFA 5708



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This is one of a collection of films made by members of the Selby Cine Club.  It shows the Selby celebrations for the Silver Jubilee of the Queen in June 1977.  With a dry narration, it shows a carnival and street parties.

The film opens with a photograph of the Queen.

Title – Scorpio Films Presents Bill Davison’s Jubilee ‘77

Queen Elizabeth II waves to the crowds from her golden coach in London for the Silver Jubilee celebrations in London on 7th June, 1977.  Following this are scenes of street decorations in Selby, with shops, such as Stockdale’s, displaying Jubilee souvenirs in their windows.  A child pulls a toy pram with a doll dressed as the queen.  A carnival procession sets off, headed by a brass band, followed by floats and the carnival queen in a vintage car.  People on the carnival are in fancy dress, two as Laurel and Hardy, and one family of four are all riding on tandem cycle, along with other decorated cycles and prams.  Among the floats ones with children and adults representing countries of the British Empire, some dressed as stereotypical native Africans, and another with people dressed as native Americans.  There is a float for BOCM Silcock Ltd..

The next part of the film features an athletic track where a walking race is taking place, including a barefooted women in a grass skirt.  Next, children are on a field where they compete in a 100 yard dash, the loser being comforted with an ice cream.  The winners are awarded medallions.  There is then a tug of war competition, including a women’s team.  

Then onto Thatch Street where a street party is taking place, with the residents playing various silly games.  A similar party is being held in Westfield, with children seated at a long table eating cakes.  Tea and sandwiches are served to the elderly.  At Buller Street a man plays the piano.  Three terraced streets have hot together to have a party organised by the women.  There is a children’s fancy dress competition, with one child dressed as Max Wall, and another small girl objects to her costume. This is followed by men with their trousers rolled up in a knobbly knees competition.  Each child is presented with a souvenir Jubilee spoon.  Residents of the three terraced streets pose for the camera, one dressed as an Oxo cube.

Title – A Selby Cine Club Production
Title – A Bill Davison Production