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This is one of a collection of films made by Bill Davison and members of the Selby Cine Club. This film shows some of the events that took place over six months to mark the 900th Anniversary of the founding of Selby Abbey.

Opening Titles:  
Scorpio Films Presents: 1069-1969 – Festival ‘69
Narrated by J Crossland
Sound  John Smith
Produced by Bill Davison

There is a procession through Selby to the Abbey, led by the Mayor and other dignitaries.  Then the film switches to a large exhibition at the James Street Recreational Ground called Exias’ 69 – a 10-day long festival of Agriculture and Industry.  The 80-foot high 'kinetic sculpture', amusements, and stalls can be seen including ones for Fletchers sauce, BOCM, displaying their oil based products, Selby Yorkshire sausages, the Drypool Group, with models and pictures of ships.  There is also a schools art exhibition, a stall for “Blind Welfare”, a demonstration of mouth to mouth resuscitation from the St Johns Ambulance, Natural Gas, diary produce and new coal board technology.  Then the army gives a demonstration on a trampoline and climbing, followed by a fashion show of woollen clothing.

The film switches back to Selby Abbey, where, with a thunderstorm looming, 25 monks from Ampleforth College are in a procession to a service led by the Abbot Primate of Ampleforth.  Then children are playing on the Royal navy minesweeper HMS Belton on the river.  Next there is a hockey match, one of many sporting events.  On 29th June Harold Wilson attends a service at the Abbeyforth the installation of John Taylor as head of Selby Council of Churches.  

The next part of the film features part of the contribution from Bradford College of Art.  They have a carnival with many colourful and imaginative costumes, and a large dragon.  They also contribute art works, performances, and a “black is beautiful” event, with the students having blackened faces.  On the lawn in front of the Abbey the students have a musical event, all looking very late 1960s in their clothing and manner.

This is followed by another procession of 2,000 people through the town centre on 6th July after a special unity Thanksgiving service in the Abbey, attended by ten Selby born priests, and with representatives from Catholic churches and many Protestant denominations.  Then the film moves onto a display which includes the Boys Brigade and by the police Mounted Division and police dogs.  Douglas Sergeant, the Bishop of Selby, inaugurates a new banner for the Girl Guides, while one of the guides reads out the Girl Guides Promise.

Fifty vintage cars are arriving back in Selby after a 22 miles trip from Leeds as part of a Selby Motor Club event.  After passing through the town they line up in a field on display.  One owner, a lady dressed in 1920s Charleston garb, is busy polishing her car.  There is an art exhibition and a pageant which re-enacts the founding of the Abbey, and a film made by Selby Cine Club showing the same is shown.

Finally, the Queen visits to distribute the Royal Maundy coins, seen arriving and leaving the Abbey.

Title – A Scorpio Production 
Title – The End