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This is a film which chronicles the events around Church Fenton from 1973-4 including church servies, garden parites, and a wedding.

Title - Country Films
Seems Like Only Yesterday!
A Collection of Village Events
Picture and Sound by Frank Dean
Methodist Church Garden Party 1973

Members of the parish are gathered around at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. Kendall
Nanny Lane, Church Fenton on 9th June, 1973. The Minister welcomes them all, and people at the day's event can be seen chatting, eating food, and mingling with other party-goers, including Mr and Mrs McRobie, with raincoat over arm.

Title - that hole in the road!

There are construction workers and construction vehicles gathered around working to fix a problem with the village sewage scheme, in front of Frank Dean's house. This process began in June, 1973.

Title - Parish Church Garden Fete 1973

Members of the parish are gathered around at the vicarage on 7th July, 1973. Here a table full of homemade sweets and pastries is set up among other tables including vegetable and raffle tables. Children are in fancy dress and parade around the garden to show off their costumes and later prizes are handed out to the children.

Title - Palm Sunday 1974

This is the Parish Church Palm Sunday walk to chapel on 7th April, 1974. Members of the parish are gathered on the sidewalk near the church, and children from the Sunday School along with other members of the church process through the streets of the town.

Title - Rogation Sunday 1974

At the Parish Church Rogation Sunday service at Boddy's farm 19th May, 1974, the members of the parish process to the farm where an outdoor service takes place. Children are gathered in a small group and help in the singing of a hymn.

Title - Parish Church Garden Fete 1974

This fete takes place at the old Vicarage on 6th July, 1974. Older ladies in the parish set up many tables featuring homemade treats, vegetables, canned goods, and other foods. Everyone mingles in the garden, there are two speeches, and children in fancy dress show off their costumes before they are awarded prizes.  Heather Dean, in blue with hand on box, speaks through the microphone. There are also games such as lawn darts, artwork by the children, and a group of boys in a band playing with paper cut out instruments. The day ends with a raffle and prizes.

Title - A Wedding 28-9-1974 Ruth Wilton to Adrian Meakin Church Fenton

The bride comes out of her house in her wedding dress and proceeds to the car which will take her to the church for her wedding ceremony. At the church, guests come out of the church followed by the bride, groom, and rest of the wedding party, and the newlyweds pose for pictures outside at the church.  The bride's brothers can be seen Robert (smoking) and Richard with his father outside the church.

Title - The Flower Service 1974

Children and parents from the parish are gathered outside with flowers in hand as they begin their procession to the church, including Mrs Swap with red flowers.

Title - Country Films
The End

(Sound Recorded 10th Feb 1975.)