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YFA 2276



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Part of the collection of personal family films of the Rowntrees, this film contains rare images of Seebohm Rowntree and his family during their leisure time. Seebohm was the third child of Quaker chocolate manufacture Joseph Rowntree and eventually became chairman of the company from 1923-1941. The film contains both Dufay colour and black and white film stock.

Title - Homes and Castles in England.
Seebohm Rowntree is always at home in the hearts of his friends.
- Whether with the Causeys at Gipsy Trail in 1935.

Seebhom and his wife are seated in chairs by a lake with another couple. Seebhom's wife playfully holds a wicker basket over her husband's head.

Title - Or with the Robinsons in Billie in Bronxville.

Seebhom and his wife stand outside a large white house.

Title - But North Jean Hughenden in Bucks holds Seebholm's and Lydia's household Gods freshly moved from the homestead, 1936.

Ladies walk around the grounds of a stately home, and Seebhom Rowntree and his wife walk through the grounds as well. The two ladies admire the plants, and there is footage of the grounds, a walled garden, a barn, plants, greenhouses as well as a close up shot of the house.

Black and white: Two girls are in the gardens, and the surrounding countryside can also be seen.

Colour: A girl rides a horse past a large house and through some fields. Mrs Rowntree and her daughter walk towards the camera, away from the house. They are holding puppies and accompanied by a dog. There is further footage of the grounds as well as a large church and an estate.

Black and white: A man and two women are standing outside of a cottage.

Colour: Two men look at flowers as they walk around the grounds of the house. There is footage of a church yard, and at a lovely cottage, a man stands in the doorway looking out on the garden. A large estate and its surrounding grounds can be seen. Here there is a girl riding a horse, sheep in a field, a village church, and cattle in the river.

Seebhom Rowntree, his wife and family sit outside in the gardens.

Black and white: Views of the countryside, and the Vicar and children ring the church bell. This is followed by scenes of a village street, W. J. Morris & Sons shop.

Colour: The film closes with scenes of stables, a girl riding a horse, and Seebhom Rowntree and family in gardens.