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See You Tomorrow is a safety at work training film for employees of Crossley Carpets, located in Halifax, West Yorkshire. The film emphasizes the correct way to use the different types of machinery used in carpet production as well highlights the dangers which will result if proper safety procedures are not followed.

Title - See You Tomorrow
Sponsored by Crossley Carpets Safety Committee
Music - The Crossley March
Composed and conducted by Mr. J. Harrison B.B.C.M.
Played by Crossley Carpet Works Band

The film begins by following a Crossley Carpet van down the hill and across the bridge to show the Crossley Carpet Factory at Dean Clough, Halifax, in the background. The film then moves inside the factory and shows the different machinery in use. The film's commentary states that the machines cannot think for themselves. It is only started and stopped by the switch, not if something gets caught in the machine. Both men and women workers are at machines in the factory. The carding machine, which has steel claws, is the most dangerous in the textile industry. There is a close up of the machine's claws. This is followed by footage of one of the younger workers using a machine incorrectly. He is correct by the foreman.

Workmen unload raw materials from the delivery lorry into the factory warehouse. The men demonstrate the proper way to use the hooks and slings needed to transport the materials up to the second and third floors of the building.

A handgun is loaded with bullets and pointed towards the camera to compare the dangers of work in the factory, specifically the dangers of using a compressed airgun incorrectly. The compressed air machine has the power of 100 pounds per square inch. A man then gives a demonstration with a glass eye in a small cup. The air easily blows the eyeball out of the cup illustrating the dangers of the machine. Safety goggles should be worn at all times. The safety equipment, including clothing and protective goggles, is supplied by the factory.

A workman gets a splinter in his finger and goes to the ambulance room where the nurse administers first aid. The commentary states that even the most minor of injuries can lead to infection causing a much greater loss. Medical facilities are offered to all employees for these cases.

Following this are examples of minor hazards, mostly caused as a result of poor housekeeping. The film explains the importance of not leaving trolleys in walkways, putting broken crockery into the waste paper bin, and to carefully discard bobbins so they do not end up on the floor. The correct methods of lifting material and equipment are then demonstrated. Finally it's noted that all employees receive safety training upon their arrival to the factory. The film closes with posters showing safety procedures and the titles - Go safe, Stop accidents, See you Tomorrow

Title - Photography and Direction by Mark Pearson
Produced by Crossley Carpets Film Unit
The End