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This road safety cartoon is part of the C.H. Wood collection and was made by, and the theme tune sung by, school children in Bradford with the help of the Bradford City Police Department.

Title-See and Be Seen.

This is a road safety cartoon about Floppy the rabbit who lives with his mother and sibling Flippy in a hole in the ground. There are sequences of images to match the song that is being sung by a group of children.

Floppy is with his mother and sibling in his home but dreams of going to the big city.

Title-See and Be Seen, Let that be your theme, take a lesson from Floppy, see and be seen (chorus).

The next images show Floppy creeping out of his bed and home in the middle of the night to go to the city. His white fur gets more and more dirty so he is harder to see.

Title-Chorus Again.

When he reaches the city it is deserted, but after a while, the traffic gets very busy.


A bus drives towards Floppy, and as he cannot be seen, he knocks him down.

In the next picture we see that he is still in bed and was only dreaming. He says that he will keep his fur white, never go out alone and never try to dodge traffic ever again.


Title-The story, the song and the drawings of `See and be seen' are the work of 12-13 year old children of Hutton Middle School Bradford.

Music by Frances Horsman.

We should like to thanks the Bradford City Police for their help.