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YFA 1443



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This is a promotional film for the Spero cruise ship, run by the Ellerman’s Wilson Line between Hull and Zeebrugge.  The film includes footage of the cruise ship itself, the accommodation and activities on board as well as the travel destinations in Holland and Belgium. 

Title:  ‘Ellerman’s present: Seaway to Europe’ 

The film begins with traffic going along the A63.  Then at Hull, cars arrive for the Spero ferry, or cruiser, bound for Zeebrugge.  Cars are parked on the car deck of the ferry, and more travellers arrive by bus.  Travellers queue for tickets.  Some have tea while they wait in the Refreshments room.  Luggage is loaded onto the ship, and passengers and cars board the ferry. 

The film explores the inside of some of the cabins.  On top of the ferry, the Captain looks out, and below deck the helmsman steers the ship which is pulled out from the dock by tugs.  As it heads along the Humber, the North Lincolnshire coast can be seen with its ships and industry.  The ship passes by the Bull Lightship and Spurn Peninsula. 

Passengers arrive at the cafeteria to have tea.  There is a painting of the steamship ‘Hero’ on the wall.  A man makes a call using the radio telephone.  A passenger looks up close at a mosaic, and others browse around the onboard shops.  In the restaurant passengers look through the menu and are served dinner.

In the night club, the ‘Calypso Room,’ passengers dance to a band – an electric organ and drums – or sit with drinks.  In the TV room, there is a choice of black and white or colour television, and there are fruit machines.  Other guest facilities are highlighted such as the York Lounge and the sauna. 

The helmsman, captain and engine crew prepare for arrival at Zeebrugge.  The Spero does an about turn to allow travellers to disembark at the new terminal.  Having been towed into berth, cars disembark and make their way along a motorway.  They are followed by foot passengers who board double-decker coaches.  These are tour coaches which start at a village in Holland.  The coaches park near the river, and the tourists get out and explore the village including its church, windmill, and shops.  Some of the tourists have a picnic lunch by the canal where paddle boats are in use.

The coach makes its way to Bruges, passing windmills on the way.  The coach sightseeing tour of Bruges is continued on foot, by boat along the canal, and by horse and carriage.  As the tour continues, it passes a woman who makes lace on her front porch.  It’s then onto Brussels where they stop for refreshment at the Atomium.  After a tour of Brussels, the tourists return to Zeebrugge and board the Spero to return to Hull.

End Credits: 
Camera: Walter Garton
Lighting: Jack Gibson
Commentary: Christopher Martin-Jenkins
Produced for Ellerman’s Wilson Line by Walter Garton Film Productions, Hull.