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YFA 2777



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Made by Yorkshire filmmaker C.H. Wood, this safety film shows how a seat belt can save your life and challenges the perception at the time that, in a crash, you would be better off without one.

The film opens with the ROSPA heading and soundtrack.

Title-Seatbelt Sense

Cars of all sizes and types are backed-up on a busy road in Bradford city centre. The voice over states that many people don't wear their seat belts for short journeys. Following this are shots of a man with a microphone and a police officer standing at the side of a road. The man tells the police officer that the woman in the car coming towards them will do as she is not wearing a seat belt. The police officer stands out on the road and holds his hand up for her to stop.

The man walks over to the car and asks the woman shy she is not wearing a seat belt? She tells him that she feels that it is safer to be thrown clear from the car rather that trapped in it. She also says that it is a hassle to put it on and off when she is just driving in the town and that she doesn't go fast enough for it to be dangerous. The interviewer gives her some safety facts to go against all she has just said but she is not convinced. The interviewer asks her if she would mind taking part in a safe experiment, to which she agrees.

In the next scene the interviewer and the woman are standing outside talking about her reasons for not wearing a seat belt; the camera takes a close up shot of her face and when it zooms out, the woman is wearing a harness and is being raised up into the air by a crane. The interviewer tells her what height she is at and that if they dropped her from there that it would be equivalent to crashing her car at a certain speed without a seatbelt. The woman yells and calls to be let down but she is raised higher and higher. The interviewer does the same thing a few times while the woman calls to be let down. Eventually at the top she says that she gets the message and that she promises to always wear her belt; the crane lowers the woman to the ground.

In the final scene another woman is driving along in a car. The voice over of the first woman saying that she doesn't need to wear a seatbelt is played across this shot. The woman swerves to avoid hitting an overtaking car on the road and crashes in to a phone box. A shot from in front of the car looking in, shows the woman crash head first through the windscreen of the car.

Title-Clunk, Click, Every Trip.

Title-Our thanks to British Crane Hire Corporation Ltd, Irvin Great Britain Limited, Bristol Street Motors (Birmingham) Ltd.

Title-Written by Maurice Avery.

Title-Produced and Directed by C.H. Wood (Bradford) Ltd.

Title-A ROSPA Production.