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An amateur study by John Percival Staddon shows the colours, the weather and attractions at home in the North East and North Yorkshire of the four seasons.

Title: Overdale Presents The Seasons

Title: Spring

Title: In Backhouse Park, Sunderland and on Our Doorstep

The film opens on a display of crocuses and snowdrops amongst trees in Backhouse Park Sunderland. A brief view shows crows on a lawn pecking at bread.

Title: In Rectory Park, Houghton Le Spring

The film changes to show crows or rooks building nests in the upper branches of trees followed by a view of the gates leading to a stone built building, possibly the Rectory.

A view follows of daffodils in a flower bed next to a path, a nearby notice reads: ‘Any Person Found Damaging Property, Trees, Shrubs, Plants, In This Park Will Be Prosecuted’ A goldfish pond with a fountain in its centre is a feature in the park.

A change of destination as the film shows a road sign which reads ‘Whorlton’ a village near Barnard Castle, County Durham.

On the River Tees, which runs near Whorlton, a family gathers on a ‘table’ of rock which stretches out into the river. The film cuts to two women who walk onto one of these areas of rock, looking at a pool of water which is flat calm. A view of a small waterfall followed by general views of a flowing stream. A man stands in the river fishing.

The film cuts to lambs standing next to a dry stone wall.

Next to Durham City and a view of Durham Castle with a tree in bloom in the foreground. Other views of trees follow, along with a view of Durham Cathedral. General views show more trees, and lambs and ewes in a field.

The film cuts to a farmer filling a trough with feed. A number of cattle come to feed at the trough, while others graze along the green verges of a narrow road.

A suburban garden shows a number of plants coming into flower.

A woman poses for the camera holding open a cardboard box, inside are a number of chicks.

Title: Flambard Rovers, Memorial Garden, Durham

The opening view shows a tulip and other flower beds. A family sit on the grass near the flowers. A couple look over a fence at the tulips. The garden is on the banks of the river Wear, which can be seen just beyond the garden.

A general view shows a meadow covered in small white flowers, then the film cuts to flower beds in a suburban garden. A woman walks into the garden and starts trimming a climbing shrub. More general views show pink and yellow tree blossom.

Title: Summer

The sequence opens with the rich pink flowers of rhododendrons. The film then cuts to a woman gathering sweet peas in her garden. She places them in a vase on a small table, a static view shows off the final arrangement.

A large sign painted onto a long fence reads: ‘Welcome to Seaburn’

General views show a fairground and a variety of different rides. On to the beach and a group of people gathered on the shoreline. Some fool around, but other brave souls in swimsuits paddle in the sea or wade into the shallows. Some girls play leap frog on the beach; a young boy builds a sand castle. Others youngsters play in the shallow pools on the beach. A young boy paddles in the waves as they break.

Title: Storm – At East Herrington

Views show flowers and shrubs bathed in sunshine in a suburban garden but they take a beating from high winds.

The gales damage sheaves of grain crops arranged in stooks which are now strewn across a field. General views follow of the farm and fields.

Title: Autumn

 A field of grain crops, is followed by a farmer driving a tractor which pulls a machine which cuts the crop. A woman gathers the sheaves of grain. The tractor and machine drives by churning out the cut crop. A general view shows the freshly cut crop lying in the field.

Title: October Storm

A man and woman with a young child walk along a windswept seaside promenade. The sea is churned up by the wind, and breaks over the promenade.

Title: In Valley Gardens Harrogate

General views show the leaves on trees beginning to change colour. Rose and other flower beds are still in full bloom. Visitors to the gardens relax on benches placed along footpaths. General views show more colourful flower beds.

Title: September at Whorlton on Tees

Three women walk from a car over a field, then through a gate to flat rocks on the River Tees. General views follow of the river and shallow waterfalls.

Title: A Walk to Wycliffe With Its Flat Topped Church.

Two women walk along a field edge following a path. They go through a gate in a stone wall, then stop to take in a view of the river Tees. Along a road they pass by some stone cottages and continue on through the village of Wycliffe. They eventually arrive at the unusual church of St Mary’s, made of stone but with a flat roof. A close up follows of the entrance and a sun dial above it. The film cuts back to show the river again.

Title: The Autumn Scene At Durham.

General views follow of the castle, cathedral and Durham cityscape. A view of the river Wear shows it to be flat calm. More views follow of the cathedral, then the film cuts to a number of rowers practising on the river.

A footpath is strewn with autumn leaves. The leaves still remaining on trees filter the sunlight displaying a variety of colours. The sequence closes with general views of the castle and a high angle view of the old Fulling mill on the river Wear.

Title: Winter

An urban street is covered in snow, a yellow lorry drives past. The film cuts to a suburban garden, a shed roof and lawn completely covered in snow. A woman collects coal in a bucket from the shed.

The film cuts to a snow covered field. Two children pull wooden sleds behind them. They reach a steep bank in the field, and climb to the top. They sit on their sleds and go down the bank. A small dog, with the two children chases after them. They then go back to the top of the bank and repeat the ride.

A brief visit to Rectory Park (?) and the frozen fountain, which is followed by birds feeding off scraps put out for them on the snow covered lawn. A robin pecks around on the ground, it then tries its luck on a bird table, also covered in snow.

The film ends with general views showing a frozen river Wear at Durham city. In areas of the river not frozen especially near a weir, birds try their best to find food.