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YFA 1158



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This is a film which documents a family's holiday in the North of England.

Written in the sand are the titles: 'Marilin Pictures Presents' 'Seaside Came-o-ddities' 'A Saga of Holidays in the North'. This is followed by the caption: 'In the industrial north of England, man (and woman) toils for 351 days'.

The film begins showing rooftops over Sheffield city centre, possibly from on top of Sheffield Town Hall, with trams coming down Penistone Street, and seeing over the Peace Gardens. In the back gardens of some terraced housing, washing is hanging out to dry. A caption reads: 'Life is governed by clockwork regularity and routine.' A man rouses himself from sleep, gets out of bed and does some exercises. He has a wash and leaves his house in a car.

At the architect's office at Sheffield Town Hall, someone pores over some plans. Back home a woman washes the dishes, and the back door steps show the caption: 'Even at the weekend there is no rest'. She then pushes a wheel barrow around the back of the house. A small girl sits on the steps, and an older woman and man do some gardening. The man then takes a rest on the back steps with his feet up, and comically falls over.

Caption: 'But for 14 days every year he is free, and off he goes to sea and countryside'. A car is shown driving down a road, and then the journey from behind the driver's wheel. A road sign states: 'Filey 4, Scarborough 10 ?'. Written in the sand is, '1946 at Filey'. A woman and a young girl are on the beach at Filey. Another caption written in the sand reads: 'Oh momma your poor feet!'. The woman is then shown clambering over the rocky beach with her daughter in bare feet. As her mother sits on some rocks, the girl rubs the soles of her feet with some sand. On a different day the girl and mother are on the rocks with a blanket, and then they both run out to the sea in their swimming costumes. The woman goes for a swim whilst the girl lies on the sand with the sea lapping over her. They both run back to their beach hut, and then the mother accompanies her daughter as she takes a donkey ride. This is followed by the girl's granddad (presumably) playing with her on the sand.

Mother and daughter ride on the Scarborough miniature railway as they pass by the lido and along the coastal cliffs. Mother, father and daughter are then all on a rowing boat. Back on the beach at Scarborough the girl is playing with a young boy. Three men with their trousers rolled up are wading in the sea, one of them doing a camp walk. The film shows a brief shot of a group of people having tea around a table indoors, before returning to the beach with the boy and girl on the back of their granddad. The boy and girl wash their feet at a fountain. Mother and daughter make a sand castle, and father and daughter sit on deckchairs. The little girl also rides on the donkey.

Another caption written in the sand reads: '1948 Scarborough'. A small girl, about 18 months old (Marylin?), walks back and forth across the sand between her father and another man. From there the film shows some acrobatic divers and synchronised swimming at the Lido in Scarborough which is watched by a large crowd from the sides. The two girls are with their parents back on the beach, sitting down and splashing in the water. Later, the youngest one is being helped to stand up on a bench by her grandmother. Two older girls go for a swim with their grandfather.

Another caption written in the sand (with a Chad 'wot no' drawing) reads: '1949: wot more Scarboro!' A family are sitting on the beach, a young girl is making sand castles, as do two men, one quite young, who fall over laughing. A man and a girl paddle in the sea. Two small girls walk along with their coats on, and then the smaller one is drinking from a bottle. This is followed by two girls again out walking with wet weather clothing on before the family are again back on the beach. Windle can be seen with a cine camera around his neck.

Some men are out in a pool - possibly Peasholme Park boating lake - in wooden tubs. One attempts to walk out across the water on a pole before falling in. A man gets thrown in fully dressed. Again the family is shown riding on the miniature railway, before the film goes back to showing the small girl on the beach clutching her teddy and then swooping up water with her shovel. The family is sailing on a galleon on a river or lake. A man is dressed as Robinson Crusoe with a wooden hut, and he has a group of people on their knees searching the sand. Back on the beach, a man and a woman discretely get changed. Then a young boy is shown rowing a large boat, followed by a fireworks display.

The film finishes with a final caption written in the sand which reads: 'Little dabs of colour little slobs of paint and Filey Came-O-ditties'