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This film is a travelogue of a holiday that Betty and Cyril Ramsden took in the Exmouth Estuary. It includes scenes of the local people and coast as well as the fishing industry of that region. The couple were semi-professional filmmakers filming both for pleasure and taking on commissions from companies such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Title-A Ramsden Film


The film opens with a map showing the Exmouth Estuary. Large waves crash up the sea wall and onto a small beach on which a small boy is making sandcastles. Some large fishing boats are out on the water a short way away from the shore.

Some men, women and children are in the sea and most of them are wearing swim caps.

A small, crowded ferry takes people across the water and lands at a pier. Another fishing ship is visible out to sea and some fishermen work on their boats in the pier.

Title-A canal from Exeter joins the estuary through a lock near Barton.

Betty is helped onto a boat by the captain, and there are shots of both Betty and Cyril sitting near the front of the boat. There are sailboats everywhere, and the waterways and surrounding area are visible as the boat moves along. The boat then arrives at a lock and two locks men open it for a canal boat to pass.

Title-A one-time ship building port with interesting old Dutch gabled houses, built by Dutch settlers.

There are scenes of a misty bay with many small fishing boats, and near the bay, a boat is being built. Cyril talks to a boat builder, and he explains and shows the process of how a wooden boat is made. The vertical ribbed frame of the boat is only partially covered by longer horizontal planks.

Title-Lympstone once renowned for ship building and to which whalers brought blubber onto the beaches (phew)!

There are shots of a small village with very old cottages and winding streets. Men and lots of rowing boats are in the water beside a pier. The beach is nearby and the rest of the estuary can be seen in the distance. Small boats bob up and down on the water.

Title- Budleigh Salterton a small fishing village originally named Salterton, so called from the mediaeval industry of salt making.

The waves roll about the sea and fishing boats and nets are lying on the beach.

Title-Sidmouth with red sand cliffs typical of the coast of Devon, Sidmouth is the reigning beauty of this stretch of coast.

Extensive scenes capture the large beach, the people and the many gulls on the beach.

Title-Sand eels which are caught in the estuary are used as bait for bass fishing.

A group of fishermen throw out and drag in large fishing nets. They open the net and separate the eel from the hundreds of tin, silver fish. These are then put into small boat shaped wooden boxes with lids; some men pull these along the shallows. A dog tries to eat a crab which has washed up on the beach.

Cyril is out in a fishing boat using the tiny, silver fish as bait. He catches a fish and holds it up to the camera. Afterwards, the sailor takes him back to shore where he holds his catch up to the camera. The film closes with more views of the area.

Title-The End.