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YFA 3191



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This is a film which documents a reunion at Newland Estate in 1936.

The film opens with a title - Port of Hull Society Sailors’ Orphan Homes Reunion of Old Scholars June 20th 1936. 

There are lots of people who have returned for the reunion hanging about outside at the estate.  Those who arrive are to sign in with two ladies at a table.  There is an instructional sign which reads, "Old Scholars Please Write Name on Yellow Label and Wear It.  Others Please Wear White Label." 

Sign- The Committee regret that owing to Measles the homes may not be visited. 
Title - The Homes

There is a bowling green at the estate, and also featured is the exterior of St. Nicholas school, the society school for the younger children.

Title - Some present scholars

There is a band made up of boys in uniform holding their instruments who have lined up to pose for the camera.  Also, there are some boys leaning out the windows of the houses as well as behind the windows looking out and waving to the camera. 

Title - Some of the members of the Board of Management

The next part of the film features different members who have come back for the reunion and their day outside at the estate. 

Title - Sporting Activities

There are many people playing on the slide, sliding down on brown sacks.  Other games featured are ping pong, bowling, cricket, and croquet.

Title - Some Old Scholars

This part of the film focuses on those who came back for the reunion and captures different groups of people who pose for the camera around the estate.

Title - The End