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YFA 6323



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This amateur film by Walter Gill looks at the sand and marsh area known as Seal Sands at the mouth of the Tees. It examines the thriving wildlife in the area despite the close proximity of heavy engineering and chemical industries.

Title: Seal Sands - Industry and Nature, 1974

The film opens at sunset or sunrise, with cranes surrounding a steel structure under construction.

Travelling shot from a vehicle heading along a road towards the structure, perhaps an oil platform.

The car is halted by a herd of sheep and lambs on the road.

A group of people, including Margaret Gill, board a coach. A small boat makes its way along the River Tees. From the coach, there's a view of Middlesbrough's Transporter Bridge, then a view of a chemical plant with a marshland area in the foreground.

Next a group of people train their binoculars at the marshland where birds generally nest.

A notice on a fence reads 'Seal Sands Hide' with an arrow indicating the direction.

Travelling shots follow of the platform construction and a brief view of Hartlepool Nuclear power station, still under construction.

The coach parks up and the occupants get off, and they make their way to the Teesmouth Field Centre, a low single storey building, then towards a bird hide, a cabin built on tall stilts overlooking the estuary and marsh.

The next view from the top of the structure, shows the Tees and the hills in the background looking south.

A brief view of the coach ends the film.

Title: Seal Sands - Industry and Nature 1974

Title: The End