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NEFA 12807



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A home movie by Stephen Morton of a seaside holiday to the Bamburgh area of Northumberland staying in a camper van, which includes a boat trip to the Farne Islands from Seahouses.

The film opens with a woman taking a photograph of Bamburgh Castle from a road a mile or so from the castle. In the sand dunes, firemen (or police) are putting out a fire in the grass, watched by sightseers; Bamburgh Castle can be seen in the background. Three women sit atop of a dune looking out to sea.

A small fishing boat pulls away from the quay side at Seahouses. There are views of the cliffs and nesting sea birds on the Farne Islands as well as the Longstone Lighthouse seen from a boat. The sightseers visit two of the islands. There are shots of some of the nesting birds. Seals swim in the sea looking back at the tourists. There are more general views of the islands from the boat heading back to the mainland.

Inside the Commer camper van parked in a caravan park on a cliff,  a woman unloads a reel of film from a cardboard box. Outside, another woman in shorts peels potatoes while a second is washing cans in water that flowing from a pipe attached to the van. A number of cans of food and an onion are placed on a camper van shelf, including Libbys and Batchelor tins of peas, carrots, pineapple and grapefrui juice.

General view of Seahouses. Two women check out the beach balls at the Farnes gift shop.

Next, the two women run through sea dunes onto the beach and play ball. 

Back at the camper van, a woman shows the camera a meal of fried chicken and chips. A table inside the camper van is laid for dinner with plates piled with meat and veg.

Outside, two women wash up at a table up. One of the women sweeps the camper van. Next, one of the women eats cereal for breakfast.