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NEFA 21501



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An amateur film made by Maurice Clyde of members of the Seaham Harbour Swimming Club, including the filmmakers mother, taking an early morning dip on the 7th June 1963.

Title: Seaham Bathing Belles

The film opens with a view of Seaham Harbour at dawn. A small fishing boat comes into the harbour with two men on board. A view of the sheltered harbour from the boat.

The film cuts to a woman at the top of a set of concrete steps. Several men and women come out of a small hut onto the harbour quayside. A number of older women in bathing suits walk past, some waving at the camera.  They climb down a set of metal steps and into the harbour. A man and women dive into and swim around in the water. A number of women attempt to do a synchronised routine.
The group climb out of the water and walk towards the small hut on the quayside. Now dressed they make their way away from the harbour up the set of steps seen earlier.

The film ends with a views of the harbour at low tide and a sandy beach with waves splashing on the sand.

Title: The End