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YFA 5751



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This film by Alan Sidi gives a brief view of some of the dancing and music from the Scunthorpe International Folk Festival of 1969, featuring performers from, among other places, Turkey and Yugoslavia.  The performers may well have come from the Billingham International Folklore Festival which took place the week before.

The film begins showing the Turkish national flag flying and then a poster announcing the Scunthorpe International Folk Festival:  Saturday, 23rd August at the Civic centre, 24th August at Normanby Park, and 23/24th at Lindsey Technical College, with an admission of 5 shillings.  

The event begins with dancing and music from the Turkish contingent, followed by dancers and musicians from other nationalities.  Among those present we see the national flag of Yugoslavia and a banner for Las Palmas in the Canary Islands.