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YFA 96



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection of the family at home, playing tennis, and at Christmas.

Title - Random recollections revived by N T B 

The film begins with Beardsell sitting in his armchair at home.  He is leafing through a book.  As he turns a page it reads, "Running through an old film is like turning over a dairy . . . . you never know what is coming next!!!”

Intertitle – Tennis shots at Ridingwood.

Two women are playing tennis with Beardsell shown looking on.

Intertitle – Were we as good as we fancied in those happy days?

Beardsell then joins in a game of doubles.

Intertitle – They certainly kept me on the hop.

Quite a bit of tennis action is shown.

Intertitle – Now for the married men's "singles"

Beardsell has a game with an older man.

Intertitle – Granddad was always a tennis courtier.

Finally they loosen the net and all retire back to the house.

Intertitle – The Motor boat – in transit.

A group of workman are lifting a boat onto the back of a lorry.

Intertitle – That boat spent more time on land than water.

The lorry, loaded with the boat, leaves the family home and drives off.

Intertitle – Meet Miss Pat Dew.

A nursemaid feeds a small girl who is sitting in a highchair.

Intertitle – Wonder what your children will think of this someday, Pat?

The small girl drinks from a cup.

Intertitle – Our "toy town express"

A model railway is shown in action.

Intertitle – "The Fleet" – at St Annes.

One of the sons, Peter, launches a model boat onto a pond, together with other model boats.

Intertitle – Children's Party at Winder House.

Two small girls play with a ball in the garden.

Intertitle – Growing Motor Minded.

The girls have a pedal motor car which they drive around the house.  A woman arrives.

Intertitle – Granddad at Ridingwood.

A small boy, Peter, gets out of a car, and runs off with his granddad and grandmother.

Intertitle – Scenes at Winder House.

Several women, including Mrs Beardsell, are seated in the garden where a small boy, Peter, and girl play in the sand pit.  The girl pushes a lawn roller.  A nursemaid walks off pushing a pram. 

Intertitle – Topping and Tailing.

Peter is cutting the ends off what looks like strawberries, on a table in the garden.

Intertitle – Yes that was one of Peter's pet pastimes.

Peter continues his cutting.

Intertitle – The Junior Gardener.

Peter collects cuttings from the garden and puts them into a small wheelbarrow.

Intertitle – Peter again – How that boy does grow!

Peter wanders across the garden pushing the wheelbarrow.

Intertitle – Christmas at Ridingwood 1932.

There is a dark sky, thick with cloud.

Intertitle – Opening their presents –the grandest game of all!

Peter gathers his presents, with his baby brother looking on.

Intertitle – Who's this – Don't say it's David

There are more shots of Peter and David, and then a small girl sat on the floor with a large dolls house.  The dining table is laid for Christmas, and a portrait of a man in a top hat hangs on the wall.  They all sit around the table in formal dress, and Mr Beardsell kisses his wife, who playfully pushes him away.

Intertitle – Well, they say that "kissing goes by favour!"

Mrs Beardsell turns to her father next to her holding up mistletoe and gives him a kiss.

Intertitle – – –or flavour!!!

They raise their glasses for a toast.  They sit eating and chatting and the film comes to an end.