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This film is a collection of trips and events around the region taken from 1964-1975. The film includes good snow sledging scenes, the Harewood Traction Rally, and a trip to the seaside.

Title - Scrapbook
March 1964 Bramley W Horsforth W

The film opens with a lengthy sequence at a football match. The film has been shot from the side-lines, and there footage of the game as the teams play at both ends of the pitch.

Next, a family walks up a seaside path. The father pushes a baby in the pram on a grey day. Following this are shots of Whitby Harbour that capture the boats coming into the docks. Whitby Abbey can also be seen in the distance. The family tours around the town, walking by busy tourist shops and seafood stalls. Many different storefronts can be seen along the winding streets. The little girl goes on some children's rides which are in front of the shops. Following this, the family make their way down to the beach where the little girl and her father play in the sand.

Title - Chumping on Moorland Mount October 1965

A man cuts down a tall tree.

Title - Summer of 66 at 276 Broadway

There is a baby in a pram who is shown in close up. The baby is outside in the front garden with Mother and Father and two girls in pink. They also try to get a look at the new baby now being held in its Mother's arms.

Title - Malham August 1966

This section of the film begins with the mother and her two daughters standing at the back of a car. They then walk over the rolling hills of the countryside and down a steep hill at Malham Cove. Down in the village centre, the little girls play in a small pond.

Title - Harewood Traction Rally August 1966

Stalls have been set up at the fair including raffle and game stands. Many people have turned out to see the Traction Engines on this grey day. There are close ups of model engines and boats as well as scenes of the miniature engine which is driven around a winding track.

Title - Summer of 71 Burley Woodhead

There are brief scenes of the family out in the countryside for a picnic on a sunny summer day.

Title - Sledging Moorside Jan 1972

Children take many runs sledging down a snow-covered hill. Sometimes they are joined by an adult at the back of the sledge.

Title - Summer of 76 The Wall

Two men are posing next to a newly constructed garden wall. The dedication plaque reads, "Built by A. Garratt Esq Assisted by E. Radford 1975." The surrounding garden can also be seen.

Title - Ted & Olive

The film closes with a Ted and Olive posing by the newly finished garden wall.