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This film, made by Debenham & Co. of York, was made in order to raise money for the dependents of war casualties as well as soldiers disabled during the conflicts of World War I.  It features a mixture of drama and actuality footage.   

Title – A Scrap of Paper.  Filmed by Debenham & Co. York. 

A crowd of adults and children line the street.  They wave at the soldiers as they march by.  In the background there is a large advertisement for ‘Theatre De Luxe.’ 

Title – There’s my Daddy! 

A mother and her children cry and wave hankies as the father passes by.  There is another brief shot of the marching soldiers. 

Title – Scene.  Somewhere in France.  Before going over the top, His last thoughts are of home. 

Now in the trenches of France, the soldiers are gathered.  Most are smoking, and some write letters home.  There is a close-up of a man writing a letter which reads, ‘Dear little Woman, I hope you and the kiddies are ‘top hole.’  Yours truly A.I.’   

An officer appears and announces, ‘Be Ready.  In ten minute’s time we attack.’ One man finishes his letter to his wife before the men attack.  The letter reads:  Well, I have only a few minutes to write these lines as we are about to attack.  Don’t worry dear, we shall pull through – if we don’t – I am happy in the thought that those at home in good old Hull will do their duty even as I am endeavouring to do mine, and will look after and care for you dear ones.  Your ever loving husband, Tom. 

Then, with rifles in hand, the men emerge from the trench and run to attack the enemy.  A body is seen lying just outside the trench.   

Titles – That Scrap of Paper.  How Hull Will Keep Faith.  The City of Hull Great War Trust is endeavouring to raise £500,000.  The money will be utilised in helping the Dependents of the men who made the Great Sacrifice & for those who have been disabled.  Over 7,000 Hull men were killed and 14,000 disabled.  On Friday Oct’ 31st A Special Matinee will be given at this theatre, the entire proceeds will be given to this fund.  That Scrap of Paper will be honoured.  You will come to this performance By so doing you will assist the ‘Great War Fund’ and at the same time spend an enjoyable afternoon.