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This film documents two Scout trips, the first camping at Whitsun in 1956 and the second a journey on the Norfolk Broads in 1957. The film captures many of the typical scouting and camping activities which took place on the trips.

Title - Whitsun 1956

The film opens in Horsforth, West Yorkshire, as the Scouts begin their journey. They are picked up by a large truck, and the boys all pile into the back of the truck with their camping gear. Footage is taken from the truck as it drives along the town roads including Newlay Lane. The group stops briefly to pick up supplies before arriving at Hazelbrae. Here, they unload the truck and begin to set up camp, pitching the tents.

Three Scoutmasters talk as they wait for a kettle to boil over a fire. The Scouts then go to a woodland area nearby and start to chop down at small trunks to get extra fire wood. Back in the centre of camp, the scouts raise the flagpole. After, the boys stand together and salute the scout flag. An extended sequence shows fun races take place before they go rock climbing. Back at the camp, the leaders start the fire, and the boys begin to prepare a meal starting by peeling potatoes. Dinner is served, and the boys sit in the sun enjoying the meal. This section of the film closes with shots of a bonfire.

Title - The End

Title - Whitsun 1957
Sailing Made Easy
Any Similarity To Real Persons Is Intentional

Sign - Wroxham 1937

The boys load the boat with supplies and make their way out onto the Broads at Wroxham.

Title - The Fleet

Shot of the boat.

Title - Horning

Some of the scouts take off in smaller rowboats and make their way to the docks. A map shows the route the boat takes along the Broads. They pass scenic views along the way, and the boys learn how to raise and lower their sails on the boat. The journey ends at the coast where the boys and Scout Masters enjoy some time in the ocean. The film closes with a sunset.

Title - The End.