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This film, in two parts, was made by several Scout leaders, including George Wood (not credited). It features scouts in a camp besides the coast. They do typical scouting activities, and also make a timber bridge and an aerial runway.

Titles: A composite film covering four camps of the King Edward VII school troop 167th Sheffield.
Produced by Scout Master E G Simm MA
Photography by the late rover Brian Pickersgill (see SHEFFIELD PEACE MARCH)
Re-edited by Rover A F Taylor, F.I.B.P., F.R.P.S.

Intertitle - Outward Bound

The film begins with a steam train travelling through countryside and arriving at a station where the scouts disembark with their bags. They are next in a camp site where they unload luggage and boxes from a van. They put up their tents, cook a meal, eat and retire for the night.

Intertitle - An average-day at camp

The bugle player blows to get everyone up. The scouts scramble down to a river which they dive and jump into; one of them is thrown in. After swimming they wash and get hosed down. One of the scouts splashes in a bath and they have breakfast.

Intertitle - Breakfast over - getting ready for inspection

The scouts clean up the cooking area and their tents.

Intertitle - And now - inspection

Two scout leaders inspect the tents, the cooking area and the pots.

Intertitle - Food in the grease pit! Tut! Tut!

The scout leaders find bits of food in the cooking and eating area. They then wait for the troupe to assemble in front of them they all salute as the Union Jack is raised and are then dismissed. Two scout leaders lead a run, followed by the rest through woods. They race down to the coast where they go for a swim in the sea. They dry themselves, and then one scout gets thrown in.

Intertitle - Splash! Now you will see someone undressing under water. It is possible.

A scout dives into a pool of water and takes off his clothes and throws them towards the bank.

Intertitle - A transporter bridge

The scouts rig up a timber frame with rope and transport one of their members over a stretch of water by pivoting it in the middle.

Intertitle - A pioneer pole bridge in use. In making this there's work for all willing hands. Several lashings are required before the frame is ready to go into position.

A rope bridge is shown being put into place.

Intertitle - A rope, a few pulleys and spars, several odds 'n ends, a few hours work, and a Aerial Runway results. Some odds 'n ends. Driving in pickets.

Scouts drive timber poles into the ground to tie the ropes which hold the construction on place. They then pull the timber framed bridge into position with the ropes. Between two positions runs a rope along which a scout slides on a timber seat.

Intertitle - Another Aerial Runway

Back at the camp scouts slide down an aerial runway.

Intertitle - Huts made from natural materials form the forest. The builders sleep in them to prove their soundness.

Scouts are filmed in the home-made huts.

Intertitle - Morse Practise

A scout waves a flag in semaphore whilst another scout writes down the message.

End of Part 1

Intertitle - A first class scout spends at least one night in "the wilds", carrying a tent for shelter, necessary food and cooking utensils. Only bare essentials are taken, and equipment must be as light as possible. The final weigh-in and departure. Cheerio!

Two scouts are given back packs and they make their way across the camp and along a country path, looking at the plants along the way.

Intertitle - A welcome rest - just time to make a few notes.

After walking through a wood the two scouts sit in a field and makes notes. They then walk through another field with bracken and approach a farm.

Intertitle - Evening approaches. A spot for the tent must be found and a meal prepared. Greetings from a friendly squire.

They put up their tent in a field and make a meal.

Intertitle - Now let us follow another pair.

Another pair of scouts is shown walking through the countryside, looking down onto the surrounding landscape. They visit a church and check their map. They stop at a house before moving on. They put up their tent on a cliff overlooking the sea. They eat and settle down for the night. In the morning they get dressed and head off again back to the camp.

Intertitle - Rations - and letters from home.

A scout leader arrives on a Matchless motorcycle with fresh supplies in a box marked, 'HP Sauce'. The scouts cook in large pots and bake a pie in a home-made oven. They eat overlooking the sea.

Intertitle - Two African tribes, the Turbans and the Woollies are at war. Each tribe must not attack the other, but defend its food from being plundered, its huts from destruction, and its warriors from enslavement. The Turbans are distinguished by neckerchiefs around their heads, the Woollies by the usual dishevelled appearance of the English school boy. The Turbans make ready for action, hide their food, and send out raiders.

The leader of the Turbans gives orders to his group, who spread out in pairs.

Intertitle - Meanwhile the Woollies plan their defence.

The leader of the Woollies likewise gives instructions to his group who spread out as individuals in different directions as look-outs. One of these gets seen by a group of the Turbans who give chase. He manages to hide from them and tracks one of them who he attacks and ties up.

Intertitle - The Turbans sat in false security.

As the Turbans eat their meal they are ambushed by the Woollens who overpower them, tie them up and pull down their tents. They then escort the Turbans off as prisoners, and take down the Union Jack. The leader of the scouts then reads out a prayer to all gathered together.

Intertitle - Camp fire from North, South, East and West, torches approach to light the fire.

The fire is lit and they sit around it in a circle wrapped in blankets.

Title - The End