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YFA 4277



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This is a film of some young men and a Scouts group from Sheffield. The young men do some work in a field and the Scouts go camping and cliff climbing. The film is made up of both colour and black and white film stock, and is identified as such in the following description.

Col. The film begins with a young man shovelling earth from a garden outbuilding and taking it around to the front of the house behind a parked car. An older man follows with another wheelbarrow. They are joined by another young man and they remove some timber and an old wooden gate from the outbuilding. Some of the stuff they load into the boot of the car. They carry cement bags and put them into the outbuilding together with some wooden fencing. There are now three young men with bikes.

B&W The film switches to the countryside where a group of young men are stood by some barbed wire fencing before they lower a wooden crate down an incline. Then they are climbing up a rock face using ropes.

Col. There is a group of young lads at the bottom of the rock face and a group about half way up. Those at the top abseil down the cliff. The film switches to a campsite where a group of Scouts are standing by as union jack flag is being hoisted. They stand around the flag in a circle with hands raised in the Scout's salute. They then relax on lilos by their tents. A man in a suite, followed by some lads, goes down a wooden frame slide with a Welsh flag on it. The film moves to a suburban street where there is a Scout parade led by a marching band followed by Girl Guides and brownies. The Girl Guides line up, some in blue shirts some in white shirts, with some of them carrying flags. Opposite them stand a line of Cubs and Brownies in a park where the band are playing.

The film then switches to the lads collecting water from a river and removing more earth from the garden outbuilding. This they tip onto a patch of ground in the corner of a field. They bring over a ladder. The lads line up with brooms over their shoulders in mock military fashion and march off.

A group of Scouts are loading bags into the back of a coach and then get on board. They disembark at their destination. The coach is seen going up the side of a hill and the Scouts have arrived at 'Callow Farm' where they have made a campsite. Back at the field the lads return to do more work. The Scouts are milling around the campsite and the film comes to an end.