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NEFA 21698



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An amateur film by Maurice Brunton showing  the activities of a Middlesbrough Scouts camp in the Lake District.

The film begins as a troop of boy scouts stand to attention outside tents [out of focus].  General views follow of the camp site and other scouts standing to attention, saluting the Union Jack.

General views show the surrounding hillsides. The film cuts to boats moored at jetty on the lakeside.

A general view shows the expanse of the lake. On board a rowing boat, the camera faces the rowers as scouts take the boat across the lake. The film cuts to a general view across lake from the boat. Dark views follow of rowing boats on the lake.

The film changes to show another scout feeding sheep or calf. General views looking across the lake.

The film cuts to a view of a hillside taken from the boat. The film cuts to a group of scouts sitting on a hillside, one of the scouts drinks from a bottle.

The films ends on a shot of a roadsign pointing to Keswick via Honister Pass.