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NEFA 22156



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An amateur film produced by Peter Dobing of a bus tour around the Kyle of Bute in Western Scotland in 1950 with Peter and his father. The film features them visits to the coastal town of Oban and a ferry journey along the narrow sea channel of the Kyle of Bute. 

The film opens on the cover of a travel brochure, the title of which reads ‘Luxury Tours 1950’. A page is turned revealing the title of the tour inside: ‘Seven Days. Kyles of Bute and Western Scotland’.

Passengers are on a coach trip travelling through the Scottish countryside.

Peter’s father walks along a busy road in a town. He waits with two women at a stop for a 'Northern Line' bus. The destination on the bus reads ‘Kyle of Bute’ and Peter sits on the bus looking out.

General views of the ‘King’s Arms’ and a clock tower.

Two women walk along the driveway of a large country house or hotel. Peter’s father stands at the bottom of the steps and signals to his son to hurry up. Peter comes downs the steps and they both walk along the driveway smoking cigarettes.

General view of a hotel and Peter’s father sitting on a park bench reading a brochure.

A view fro a window looks out onto a town below and mountains in the distance.

Metal lattice lettering over a gate reads ‘B.R. Gourock’.

Passengers make their way on board a steamer ferry. The ferry sets off. Peter stands on deck looking out at the scenery. A woman stands nearby throwing food at gulls flying beside the boat. Two crew members check passengers' tickets.

The ferry approaches a quayside where  boards promote the Royal and Tighnabrauich Hotels. Members of the crew work with ropes to tie up the boat. There's a brief view of another steamer moored along a different quayside. A bus pulls up outside a large house or hotel.

General view of a road passing through a mountainous valley, a tanker driving along the road. Two men and a woman look out at the view while other passengers stand beside a bus parked on the road.

General view of Oban and McCaig’s Tower. Along the quayside, a woman feeds the gulls. A hooded crow and a gull fight over a cracker.

Peter walks through a car park. General views of Oban and the surrounding landscape.

The passengers pose for the camera beside the coach before climbing back on board.

Peter’s father walks along the country road.

The film ends with the closure of the holiday brochure.

Title: The end.