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YFA 1839



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Made by Charles Chislett, this is a film of his family holiday, touring Scotland by car. Among the places they visit are Prestwick Aerodrome and Oban.

The film begins with Rachel and John playing table tennis in their back garden with two other girls of similar age to Rachel. Then, in their swimming costumes, they play in a rubber dingy filled with water, followed by a game of ball, with a black Scottish Terrier joining in.

Title - Scottish September

Intertitle - From the Tyne we follow Hadrian's Wall to the Solway, and cross the border near Gretna Green

The bridge can be seen, and then a road sign for Carrowburgh, followed by another sign for Housesteads.

Intertitle - The border bridge over the River Sark

The film shows the signs for Scotland and England at the border. Rachel and John dance down the road arm-in-arm towards the family car (reg. ADT 109). A highlander plays the bagpipes outside the blacksmith shop and marriage room.

Intertitle - On through Galloway and Ayrshire to the coast near Ailsa Craig

There is a sign for 'Gatehouse of Fleet' followed by the village and river nestled in the hills.

Intertitle - Prestwick Aerodrome seen by night or day is not easily forgotten, once on the airport the world shrinks in size, and the delectable places of the earth feel real, and "just over the horizon"

(B&W) We see the tower, departure board and booking stations for various air companies.

Intertitle - Here comes a BOAC "Constellation", just in from America

The plane lands and the luggage is unloaded, followed by the passengers disembarking.

Intertitle - within a few minutes the passengers are through the customs and enjoying breakfast in the airport hotel, while their luggage is sorted ready for examination later and the plane is serviced before it continues to London

Rachel and John get onto the plane whilst it is being serviced.

Intertitle - Up aloft "control" chats with the passing aircraft and watches over all the activities on the aerodrome

Rachel and John stand on the roof of the tower looking down on the planes.

Intertitle - "The Flying Dutchman" is due to leave shortly for Amsterdam

The inside of cockpit is shown, followed by the passengers boarding filmed from the control tower.

Intertitle - The "Flying Dutchman" moves away to take her place on the runway as a Scottish Airways' Dakota takes off for India

A plane is shown manoeuvring ready for take-off.

Intertitle - The BOAC plane prepares to continue to London

A plane is shown taking off.

Intertitle - You have only to visit Prestwick to realise more vividly than ever before that the "air age" has arrived

Another plane is getting ready for flight.

Intertitle - From Prestwick we take the road to Renfrew Ferry, Clydebank and the north

A policeman shows directions to Rachel, who is seated in the car passenger seat. This is followed by footage of the Clyde, with a power station, 'Clyde Valley'. They board the ferry to cross the Clyde.

Intertitle - Sombre clouds beyond Loch Long give place to sunshine on Loch Lomond

The sun comes out as they drive around the loch.

Intertitle - Picnic in Glen Falloch

Rachel and John climb over the rocks by the river and wade in the water.

Intertitle - You should really see Oban for the first time from the sea

They take a boat trip along the coast.

Intertitle - Oban is the gateway to the isles

A ship is coming into the harbour, filmed from high up on shore. A row of cars are parked up outside the Marine Hotel.

Intertitle - The first morning we breakfast late and watch the boats depart at the same time

A boat comes into the dock, the 'Lochfyne' of Glasgow, and then leaves again.

Intertitle - The Oban fish auction is always interesting

Fishing boats land their catch in wooden boxes. These are then pushed along the quay on trolleys, with McCaig's Tower in the background. A man holds a ledger. Some of the boxes of fish for auction have the name of the fisherman written on them, Alex McLennan. The boxes are packed with ice ready for transport.

Intertitle - Weather prophets said "rain in the morning" but . . . .

It is a sunny morning as a boat leaves the port.

Intertitle - Oban to Fort William

They take a boat journey to Fort William.

Intertitle - Impressions to Fort William

After a brief look in a shop window, they take a trip on the loch, with Rachel befriending a small girl.

Intertitle - We pick up a few more passengers from lonely Lismore

More passengers board and they continue the boat journey.

Intertitle - We set out to climb "The Ben"

Rachel and John get into the car at the hotel and they drive off with Ben Nevis in the distance and a train passing in the foreground. Rachel makes her way the lower part of the mountain. They pass waterfalls and film the surrounding scenery from high up. Rachel stands next to the pillar at the summit.

Intertitle - Then it did rain . . . And blow. Next morning we leave Invergarry in sunshine and take the road towards home

They leave their hotel and show some of the sights on the journey back, including the Forth Bridge.

Intertitle - . . . And so to Edinburgh

Trams go along Princess Street in the city centre, with the Castle seen up on the hill.

Intertitle - Home again to busy days . . .

Back with the four children again playing in the dinghy in the back garden. There is a rainbow over the fields and a sunset.

Intertitle - . . . But with memories which remain

The film finishes with a sunset over Oban bay.

The End