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YFA 3463



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Afilm from the Tony Jackson collection, this film contains footage of a trip taken by Eileen and Tony Jackson around Scotland.

The film opens with a long shot from one end of a road looking all the way down to building in the distance and a rainbow stretching over it. Along the road are highland cattle and they walk along beside the car.

Eileen walks from a van across the grass and over to a wall that overlooks the sea. Tony is sitting in the back of the van having a cup of tea. There is a panning shot looking across the fields all the way out to the sea. There is a brief shot of Eileen walking along the path on the sea front. There are some shots of buildings in a small village including one called `Last House'.

There is a brief shot of Eileen sitting in the passenger seat of the car trying to hide her face from the camera. Then there is another panning shot of the surrounding countryside and mountains. There is a point of view shot from the front of the car as they drive along a narrow, country road. There are also some brief scenes of horses and cows and a loch.

There are more point of view shots from the front of the car as they drive through the Scottish countryside and along beside some lochs. There is a brief shot of the car driving up to a small ferry ramp.

Following this are lingering shots of a huge waterfall, a brief shot of Eileen and Tony, and then a shot of Eileen on the beach posing for the camera. There is a sign for `Inverewe Gardens and then a long sequence of shots of Eileen walking around the gardens pointing out the various plants and flowers. There are a few shots of Tony standing beside large trees and of a big, white house on well-manicured lawns.

They continue on their journey around the Scottish countryside taking shots of the mountains and some little old buildings along the way. There are some brief shots taken from a ferry as it crosses a mass of water and then more point of view shots from the front of the car. The couple camp in a tent and then in a caravan and the final shot is of Tony running into Eileen's arms and kissing her.