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YFA 500



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A film by Charles Chislett, this film documents a family holiday touring Scotland by car in Scotland. The trip beings and ends at the family home in Rotherham, and scenic footage of Scotland is included from their journey, key sites identified by intertitles.

The film begins with Rachel getting a sledge out of the family car and pulls it along the snow to her mother, Grace, who pushes her down a hill. Rachel pulls it back up the hill and slides down on her own, followed by a man on skis. After showing some bare wintry trees, there is a river running under a bridge. Later, with snow gone, some flowers begin to come through and a farmer ploughs a field with a horse drawn plough. There is a village with a church and Rachel runs down a tree lined road through the daffodils with a brown dog. John shuffles along on his behind among the daffodils in the garden, where Rachel runs with two other girls of similar age. Rachel plays with her little brother as he crawls over the lawn. All the flowers in the garden are shown in bloom. Out in the woods Rachel picks bluebells, whilst back home she plays with a large dolls house, taking out some of the furniture to hide in one of its rooms from her brother. Someone is shown vacuuming the carpet.

Intertitle - "To the North", in May

Rachel hangs out the window of the family car clutching a doll. There are sheep and cattle in fields and a village cricket match. In the distance Durham Cathedral can be seen, with steam coming from a passing locomotive.

Intertitle - First stop and interlude - Biddy's house

Rachel races to embrace her cousin, and they both have a go in a red toy car. Rachel has two caterpillars crawling over her back as she lies in the garden. The two girls then dig sand in a sand pit. Rachel's cousin waves to the camera as she holds a ball in the street, and Rachel waves back from the family car, and they kiss just before they set off. The car (reg. ADT 109) gets air put into its tyres in a garage. They drive over an iron bridge, with a road sign for Jedburgh on the A696. On their journey they stop at a commemorative stone for July 7th 1575 for a border raid at Readswire.

Intertitle - Approaching Jedburg the moorlands are left behind.

They visit the ruins of Jedburg monastery. Rachel goes for a walk in a wood nearby. The film then switches to showing Edinburgh Castle.

Intertitle - Princes Street on a spring morning has an atmosphere all its own.

Trolleybuses and pedestrians make their way along Princes Street. A park keeper cleans out a pond in Princes Street Gardens. The film shows many of the tourist sites in Edinburgh.

Intertitle - Long before we reach Queensferry we see . . .

They move from Edinburgh, stopping at the Forth Bridge, and getting on a car ferry, with Rachel looking over the side. A train passes over the Forth Bridge.

Intertitle - Northwards towards Abberfeldy and Loch Tay

They stop to film a horse and its new-born foal, and other features of the journey, including farmers using horse-drawn ploughs. There is a historic country house (with battlements). The car park is packed with vintage cars.

(B&W) Intertitle - It's not every night that one can go to bed past all this, with a secret door at the end of it.

They stay at Taymouth Castle Golf course, filming in close up the stained glass windows and other architectural features. Rachel does a little dance in one of the rooms, and enters a secret door.

(Col.) They are back outside, with people sitting under a sun shade on a golf course.

Intertitle - The morning brought a cloudless sky.

The golf course is empty except for Grace sat on a deckchair as Rachel emerges from the hotel. She runs over to Grace who gives her a push on a swing hanging from a nearby tree, with the church in the background. Charles holds Rachel's hand and together they run around the lawn.

Intertitle - After breakfast we off to explore.

Rachel has a wander around the grounds, walking over a bridge and down to a river.

Intertitle - In the afternoon it's hotter still.

Rachel stands on the bumper of the family car in her swimsuit and white hat, and takes off the winged car symbol from the bonnet and pours water into the radiator before screwing it back on. They then visit Kenmore and the mouth of Loch Tay, with Rachel wandering down by the loch side.

Intertitle - Rachel sometimes wonders what John is doing, but he's far away - perhaps lonely, but content. John toddles around a garden, while Rachel pulls her hat down on her head.

Intertitle - Next day we go to Bramear, via Pitlochry.

The Castle at Pilochry is shown, and Rachel comes out of a shop carrying provisions, with a sign for Bramear. They stop on the way, and Rachel walks across some moorland to sit on a rock and watch some large white birds. She feeds a cow and its calf, before they drive on.

Intertitle - Beyond the pass the valley leads us gently down to Braemar.

They continue their journey along the valley, passing a large country house with battlements, and showing some of the bridges over the river. There is an AA road sign for, 'Caution, Devil's Elbow'. Their car is filmed negotiating the tight bend.

Intertitle - Next morning somebody's up early, high up too.

Outside a large stately house, Rachel, wearing a Scottish berry, holds a large cuddly panda. She is then out in some woods, before there is a road sign for Rannoch and Fortingall. They go over the Tummel Bridge, and Charles Chislett shows Rachel how to walk over a rope bridge. There is close up of the clear river water gushing over rocks.

Intertitle - During the picnic we have visitors.

More of the large white birds appear and take some food - white around the eyes, orange beak, black ringed neck and a patch of black on the tips of their wings. One gets chased off by a smaller black bird with a white neck and black face, before more white birds come and chase it away. Grace and Rachel sit down by the brook eating.

Intertitle - Back through the pass of Killiecrankie to Loch Tummel and Loch Rannoch.

They continue their journey, with Rachel going down to one of the lochs.

Intertitle - Loading up for the North West.

They load up the car with luggage, helped by Rachel and a porter, and later stand looking at a large boat at a pier on one of the lochs. There is an AA road sign for Newtonmore, 10 miles. They travel along a loch, and there is another sign for Fort William. There is a lock at the end of a loch.

Intertitle - Lock Ness, but no monster.

The loch is filmed from various vantage points.

Intertitle - It's a lovely feeling to go exploring before breakfast.

Rachel sits by a waterfall.

Intertitle - Invermoriston to Kyle of Lochalsh.

They stop on their journey, with Rachel looking through binoculars. They go on a small ferry across a stretch of water.

Intertitle - Across to Skye, then on to Portree.

They take another ferry to Skye and drive around the island.

Intertitle - "Road repairs 12 miles". They don't break it gently.

The road has rocks on it, but they continue driving, passing through fishing villages.

Intertitle - Portree to Dunvegan in search of sand, and other things.

There are crofts, and Rachel digs near a dry stone wall, and later finds a small sandy spot near the sea.

Intertitle - Broadford to Mallaig, via Sleat, the garden of Skye.

They take another boat journey, having their car hoisted aboard and then back off at their destination; where there are lots of fishing boats.

Intertitle - Three miles south - Morar, with its white sands and vivid colouring.

The shore is filmed.

Intertitle - The course of Britain's shortest river. (River Morar 1 ? mile.)

The river is shown with gushing waterfalls, and on a beach Rachel gets buried in the sand.

Intertitle - A West Coast sunset is not easily forgotten

The sunset is shown over the sea and mountains.

Intertitle - Morning

Fishing boats arrive back and unload their catch in the docks, ready to be sold. Women in flowery dresses stand by watching. The fish is boxed up - for F. Jary of London - and loaded onto a train, with the gulls picking up the scraps.

Intertitle - On the road to Fort William.

They film the landscape on their way, with Rachel waving out of the top of the car.

Intertitle - Loch Shiel with its memories of the '45.

The Monument at Loch Shiel is shown.

Intertitle - 12 miles ahead. . Ben Nevis.

Ben Nevis is seen in the distance.

Intertitle - Beside Loch Linnhe to Onich.

They stop by the loch, where Rachel plays with a Dalmatian, and again unscrews the car mascot on the radiator.

Intertitle - Around Loch Leven and through Glen Coe to Oban.

They film the mountains and terrain around the loch.

Intertitle - Rannoch Moor.

The Moor is shown with a waterfall, and someone fishing in a river, with a ruined castle at the edge of a loch in the background.

Intertitle - Oban

The port is seen with boats, and onshore a Highlands Band plays as it marches. There is a sunset over the sea and mountains.

Intertitle - Southwards, via Inverary and Loch Long.

There are Highland cattle, a large country house and misty mountains. A steamer travels along the estuary. They visit a zoological Park, seeing many animals, and another historic building.

Intertitle - At Biddy's house things have moved.

Rachel's small cousin shows Rachel in her hand a small tooth that has come out.

Intertitle - Home again.

They arrive back home in the car and John runs across to greet them. He then climbs into the driver's seat, with Rachel next to him. He later gets into his own red toy car.

Intertitle - Memories which remain

The film finishes with Rachel wandering across a Scottish moor, and views of a loch.