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YFA 2332



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A film in four parts that shows the construction of Gas Holders in Scotland with the steel and iron materials that are made at Newton Chambers factory in Sheffield. It was filmed by a professional unit so involves many advanced shots of the process.

Title - Top lift cup. Guide rails and side plates.

In the opening sequence of this film the filmmaker captures a multitude of shots which show the development of the 2 mill cu.ft gas holder so far, and focuses on the structures anatomy, which now includes recent instillation of steel plates and guide rails. There are then shots of workmen hammering in rivets. The final shot of this sequence shows the exterior of the gas holder from an elevated position.

Title - Crown Trussing.

Title - Showing main tee bar, framing and centre post.

There are various shots of the frame work at the heart of the gas holder and the centre post that connects the intricate steelwork. Following this, there is a sequence which shows the roof being completed with steel panels, and workmen slotting in the centre roof disc into place.

Title - Riveting crown plates.

A workman wearing a flat cap and overalls uses a pneumatic hammer to punch rivets into the roofs panels.

Title - Erection of second lift.

From the roof of the gas holder, the filmmaker captures a panoramic view of the city, before a cut is made, and there is an exterior shot of the nearly completed gas holder. The final few shots show more of metal frame work which stretches above the roof of the gas holder.

Title - Lowering the life by stages of three plates.

A fairly long sequence shows metal plates positioned against the metal mesh framework, before workmen hammer them into place. A shots show the depth of the holder's interior before there are long shots showing the top of the works and how they are put together.

The final sequence has good views of the work done so far.