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YFA 4045



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Part of the Freeman collection, this film includes footage taken in Scotland, a day out in Scarborough, and some of London's famous sites including Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace.

Title - Ayr Scotland

The film opens with a brief scene of a military march, members of the marching band all dressed in kilts. This is followed by a brief shot of a man on a swinging structure at the seaside, and there is scenic footage of the coastline as well as some of the ships at sea.

Title - Scarborough

The beach at Scarborough is full of people, and there is a shot of the coastline from a nearby hill. This is followed by a brief street scene in the city centre before a Punch and Judy Show which has been set up on the beach. At Peasholm Park, there are many rowboats in the water. This is followed by footage of waves crashing against the seawall at the North Bay.

Sign - Peasholm

There is a miniature railway at Peasholm, and the engine pulls into the platform. A few children are along for the ride. This portion of the film ends with further scenes of the lake in Peasholm Park and scenes of the beach at Scarborough.

In London, there is a large crowd gathered at Piccadilly Circus. There is a large sign: SAVE for reconstruction, and there is a large bomb (possibly a U-Bomb) in the centre of the square. Some children climb on one of the tanks on display. This is followed by footage of some of the boats sailing along the Thames, the Cenotaph, Buckingham Palace and St. Paul's.

The next scene is shot from a steam strain as it leaves London. A man sits in the countryside, and there is a horse which grazes in a fiend along with its foal. This is followed by scenic footage of the surrounding countryside including rolling hills, sheep grazing, and a waterfall.

Title - The End.