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NEFA 21556



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Amateur film maker Ronald Pringle presents a film of an excursion by boat to Scarba a small island in Argyll and Bute, just north of the much larger island of Jura in Scotland.

The film opens showing two boys in a small motor boat. The film cuts to the approach of a small cargo vessel named 'Rose'. Two men carrying rucksacks climb onto the 'Rose'. It sets sail with views of the surrounding seascape and landscape taken from the boat. It pulls up to a jetty, the men get off and the boat leaves.

There follows high angle views from a hill of the surrounding landscape and coastline and other islands nearby. One of the men walks across the landscape carrying his rucksack.

General views follow of the sea's powerful currents and whirlpools taken from a cliff top. General views also show adjacent islands, wild grass and flowers (orchids?).

From on board another boat a stone bridge comes into view, followed by general shots of seagulls taken in slow motion. Seagulls perch on the deck rail of the boat, nearby the lifebelt on board reads 'Columba - Leith'. General views of islands follow taken from the boat. Passengers lean on the deck rail looking at the scenery. A high angle view shows the stern of the boat, with seagulls following.

The film ends with general views of the islands and seagulls flying over the boat, trying to grab tit-bits from passengers.